Remember this vintage school map I got a Scott's Antique Market back in February? 
A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to hanging it.  
My original intent was to hang it in our playroom on the third floor. 
While lounging on the couch one evening, I had a change of heart. 

So I hung it here, in the family room. 

Right behind the table where my children often sit to do their homework. 

The colors are perfect for this room and I love the fun vibe it brings to the space. 

A small gallery wall filled with my kids' pre-school art previously occupied this wall space.
I moved a few of them to the mudroom.

I found this Etsy store with quite a few vintage maps for sale in case you're on the hunt. 
  Speaking of maps, I also got around to hanging the Kentucky map I had framed.
I'll show you soon.

Now that I have several PTO projects off my plate, I'll be concentrating on more projects around here.
My son is making his first communion in two weeks and we are having a party to celebrate.
Having a party is the perfect way to get things marked off the "To Do List".  Don't you agree?


  1. Could not agree more! love the map and it's a perfect spot!

  2. Yes, parties are a great motivator! The map is the perfect touch for that space... colorful AND educational. Nicely done. :)

  3. Parties are the best way to light a fire under my butt to get things done! Love where you hung the map - it looks perfect there. What a great find!

  4. I absolutely agree. No one knows more about your "Honey Do List" than me.

  5. hat could not look more perfect there!
    did your husband just comment? ;)

  6. I love the way that map looks there - it's perfect! Did you get that rug from Overstock? We have what appears to be the same one in our dining room too and I really like it.

  7. The map is a perfect addition to this space with a huge impact, great find!

  8. Very cool! The colors in the map work in that room perfectly.

  9. oh it's so fabulous. i love it in that spot. the littles' birthdays are in june and i'm already feeling behind. i need to do little bits at a time. good luck with your planning.

  10. The size is perfect for that space, I love using maps in decor and yours makes a nice statement and who knows what the kiddos may learn as a bonus!


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