If this room isn't a testament to my ever changing mind, I don't know what is.  
I sometimes feel sorry for this room.  Just when it starts to get comfortable with it's contents, BAM, 
I go and change everything.  Oh well, it keeps my life exciting!

This is its current state....

Recently, we changed out the sofa, added the two chairs, replaced the rug 
and moved the ottoman in from the living room.

The drapes are also fairly new and I blame them for making me want to make so many changes in here. 

The blue pillow is from Pottery Barn and the orange pillows I made myself.  
I hope they don't get too comfortable because they are about to get the boot!

I picked up a lamp just like this for a client on clearance at TJ Maxx for just $39.  
I put it in my family room until I was ready to deliver it.  While it sat there, it really grew on me.  
Lucky for me, I found one more. 

Up until three days ago, I had a blue media cart here.  
I actually found it sitting next to my kids' school dumpster.
I also picked up this gray one at the same time.
The blue one now resides on my back porch. 
One can never have too many FREE metal media carts, right?

The new swivel gliding chairs have been a big hit and continue to keep the children entertained. 

This area has gone through a few transformations also.  
I hung the vintage map recently and added the school chairs. 

I took this picture a few weeks ago when my little dog Charlie was still with us.  
See him lounging on the dining room rug?

At one time, before we bought the house, the family room looked like this.....

I kid you not.....

And then for a short while, it looked like this...

And this area looked like this...

And then it looked like this.....

And once again, now it looks like this.....

Wonder what it will look like tomorrow?
Anyone have a little issue with making up their mind?

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  1. I have issues making up my mind everyday. I partially blame Pinterest for making me worse - too many pretty options! I cannot believe the room once looked like the before - it's amazing now :)

  2. Your "new" look and layout is so refreshing! I never really saw before photos, but you've done a great job keeping the comfort level but making it brighter, lighter, and more stylish. I thought it looked really heavy in the before photos, but it's so pretty now! I love that lamp and the metal cart - great finds Andrea! I also really love the kids work area too. What a great update post. (And I can't believe the before/before - wow!!)

  3. I love the swivel glider chairs, my kids would have a field day with them too!


  4. Your transformation (even without decorating is amazing) The room is so light compared to the before shot! I love the current transformation because I have a special fondness for school items. The map and cart are just wonderful! And yes, I can never make up my mind. Once a room is done I start tweaking it all over again. I'm particularly bad when I post what I can consider a "finished" room on my blog. That just seals the deal that I'm going to be looking at all the pictures I took and totally change everything.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. what a great space. funny, I am the same darn way- change, change, change- just when the family gets comfy I am moving something!!

  6. Gorgeous room and I love the new look and layout. Yes, I do have tons of issues and finding just the right furniture is a constant battle. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your family room looks fantastic. I'm totally loving those swivel chairs, and would love something like that in my family room, as we find ourselves moving chairs around to watch tv sometimes.

    And the little nook with the map and the school chairs is perfect!! Love your home and all you've done to make it your own.

    And yes, I'm equally undecisive. ;-)

  8. I have major issues about making up my mind. I probably need therapy for it. Lol.

    Love what you have done with the room. What a transformation from the beginning!

    The curtains are my absolute favorite. I bought a comforter with the same pattern, ended up returning it, and now wish I'd kept it. How's that for being indecisive?!

  9. it looks awesome! i love the industrial feel the media cart lends! and it was free- even better. :)

  10. PERFECTION!!! I wouldn't change a thing! Love it!

  11. Issues with making up my mind? I don't know, I can't make up my mind about that.


  12. Love the Before and Afters--the After looks like a comfy room where kids can be happy with plenty of style. Well done!

  13. I cannot believe the before and after of this room, Andrea. You have totally breathed new life into every nook and cranny of your house - it must be so gratifying for you and your hubby to look at where you started!! It's just crazy where your family room started out. I LOVE what you have done with it - your style is gorgeous, comfortable & pulled together. I wish you lived next door to me so I could lure you over for coffee and redecorating :)

  14. I love your last version. I think it is the blues and greens in the drapes and cushions that I love especially. I can't get over what a transformation you have worked from the original room. It looks so homey now.

  15. love it looks so good. ang

  16. Wow, the transformation looks fantastic! I especially love the "hang out" area with books, the map, and cool schoolhouse chairs. I would love to create an area like this in our family room turned play room for my son. So glad I found your blog...I am looking forward to staying in touch.

  17. Oh Baby...those are some good "before" shots!!! Seriously...you did not have to do much to upgrade...but it looks so good now!!!


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