I have been keeping a secret from you.  It's called the back porch.  
When we first looked at our house, 
I was a little disappointed it didn't have a big front porch like our last house did.
However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the covered porch in the back. 

Unfortunately, there is no before picture, but just picture an empty, dark, drab porch.
Here it is now......

This space has been through quite a few transformations over the past three years. 
I have moved things in and out, here and there and everywhere. 

The chalkboard used to be a hideous landscape painting I picked up at the thrift store. 
The blue media cart was a dumpster find.

The copper bowl and glass bottles also came from the thrift store. 
Oh, and just to keep it real, I added the Ryan Adams song lyric while editing the photos. 
I told you yesterday that my handwriting is pathetic.  
I've been banned from putting it on display.
Hey, if I play my cards right, I may just get banned from filling out all school paperwork.

The hanging lanterns all came from Homegoods.

The only thing we changed about this space is the color of the ceiling.
It used to be stained dark. It really opened up the space and made it feel much larger. 

The bench came from an antique fair, 
as did the vintage wash tub in the background. 

The paisley pillows came from Pottery Barn (on sale with free shipping).

I added a few of the beautiful rocks we collected from our recent trip to Michigan. 

The base of the laundry tubs got a coat of paint.  I originally showed it to you to here

The lamp also came from the thrift store. 

I have escaped cozied up with a book on this sectional many times. 

With crisp fall weather hopefully on its way soon, I predict this will be my new favorite spot.

What's your favorite spot in your home?

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  1. WOW! you have been keeping a secret- an amazing one! love it! love the use of color and it flows perfectly into your home!

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous, inspiring space. I would love to have a back porch just like this. A great reading spot, for sure!!

    sara @ applestonedrive.blogspot.com

  3. What a beautiful & relaxing place! I love the little bits of color you used!


  4. What a beautiful space! Love those hanging lanterns! It's so nice that it's covered out there too!

  5. I love the pillows you used out here and the hanging lanterns are way COOL!! What a great space (and secret) you've been keeping!!

  6. How heavenly!! What a beautiful space - I would be out there all the time! I love how you decorated it - so cozy and pretty!!

  7. How fun! I'm sure you're right, painting the ceiling must've made all the difference. What a great space for you guys!

  8. What a great space! I keep eyeing the laundry tub. The ceiling is fabulous!

  9. You did a great job with your porch...it looks so inviting, the perfect place to curl up and read and enjoy the breeze. I love the touches of blue!


  10. I want to hang out there and sip wine with you!!! So cute and charming!

  11. Love it! I've been so envious ever since you posted about your great cart dumpster find. Those are the best!

  12. Oh Andrea, I LOVE it! As much as I love a lot of the spaces inside of your house - this looks unbelieveably cozy and pretty. Ok, now why can't you put that quote on the chalkboard? I think it's awesome and I think Ryan Adams is pretty awesome too. And the pillows are so pretty. I just love it all around. Do you follow Lane from Urban Orchard Interiors? The two of you remind me a lot of each other. Great work on this - and this is my dream for our next house to have a cozy indoor/outdoor area to relax in. I love our little back porch but we really haven't done much with it. If I knew we were going to be there longer, I'd paint the covered porch ceiling, get a sectional and some cozy chairs, etc etc :)

  13. I have a wonderful covered patio but I have done nothing with it! Thanks for the inspiration! I bought those exact pillows.

  14. OMG - you have been reading my mind!! we are getting the house ready and the deck is on the list!! how did you know i needed ideas and help???
    UGH i also need bathroom help - go look at my hideous vanity and see what you think
    Can you come here and shop with me and make my house all perdy like your's ????

  15. SOOO SOOO jealous!!!
    Yes - i'm still blabbing!!!

  16. Totally amazing! You've combined all of your finds perfectly for that collected look! The lanterns, bench and chalkboard are so cool! Wonderful job!

  17. I would spend lots of cool mornings and brisk nights on that porch. Bet I'd even take a nap too. And I wouldn't be chalking on the chalkboard for the same reason. I can only hope someone else would fill in the mound of school paperwork.


  18. So beautiful! And inviting! I love it all!

  19. Where did you find the sectional?


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