I want to put this out there to the whole wide world.....
I officially signed up for a half marathon on Saturday, October 20th.  
My money is paid and my training schedule is hanging on the bulletin board.  
No turning back now!!

Way back in January, I listed running a half marathon as one of my resolutions for the year. 
Wow, this year has really flown by.  No time like the present, right.
I started to get anxious about it as soon as I hit confirm on the registration site.
But anyone who knows me well, knows that when I put my mind to something, 
there is no stopping me. I am certainly going to give it my all.

I pinned this quote today and I think it will be my training inspiration.

Any words of encouragement along the way would be greatly appreciated.
I'm going to need it!
Have a fantastic weekend. 
I know I plan to. 


  1. Good for you! What race are you running? I really like the half marathon distance - it's very doable, without taking over your life! As long as the training doesn't cut into your DIY projects too much, with all of this newfound free time and all...

  2. A worthy goal...... which I have no doubt you will reach! Enjoy the journey of training.

  3. You GO, girlie! I'm a 5k person, myslef. That way I can walk if I have to. I could walk a half-marathon, but everyone will have gone home by the time I finish.

  4. How exciting. I know you can do it. Keep us up to date with your training progress. :)

  5. Good for you! Let us know all about it in October!

  6. Way to go Andrea - you'll be awesome. I started working out again for the first time in 2 years (since my daughter was born) and it feels freakin' fantastic. You can do it and you'll feel great. Keep us posted on your progress! I'd like to do a 5K at some point. Have a great weekend!And I can't believe I haven't followed you on Pinterest yet - taking care of that now.

  7. That's awesome Andrea!!! I'm not at all a runner so I don't have any fabulous words of encouragement or advise, but I'm sure you're going to kill it! What a great feeling that's going to be when you mark that off your list!

  8. I can't run anymore. Fell outta my house and messed up my knee/ankle a few years ago. So carry me along with you on your run, and all the others who can't even consider making that a resolution anymore.


  9. Hurray for you! Another goal to cross off your list. You are going to do wonderful!


  10. good for you!!! you can do it! i will cheer for you.... i won't be running that far unless being chased by a bear.

  11. Awesome! So happy for you- you'll be so proud of yourself! Very, very cool and good luck!

  12. That is so great Andrea! Good luck with your training - you can do it!!


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