I swear I took a before picture at some point, but I couldn't find it. 
Take my word for it, my spice drawer was a HOT mess!

I sleep better at night knowing it looks like this now.  
Kidding, kind of.  

I ordered these clear spice jars from here

I spray painted the tops with chalkboard paint.
I had planned on using a chalk marker to write on the lids, but I could not track one down.
I ended up using a silver sharpie.   

Sidenote: Yes, I am aware that my handwriting is awful and barely legible.
Sidenote 2:  I know I forgot to put an "a" in Coriander - Oops! 

I get a little excited about cooking now because 
I know I can easily locate the spices I use on a regular basis. 

This deep drawer used to house all the spices in their store bought containers.  
When I needed the basil, I would pick up at least 6 other jars of spices before getting to the basil.  
It was frustrating and yes, I lived with it like that for almost three years.  
Enough was enough!
Now this drawer stores extra spices I don't use regularly and baking supplies. 

Ahhh, it's the little things that in life, isn't it.

Have any simple organizing tips that make your life easier? 


  1. I am so impressed with your mad organization skillz...my spices are a disaster! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nice! We're in the middle of a kitchen gut job. Good tip!

  3. Great idea for spices stored in a drawer! I wish I read this post 2 years ago in my last house - I must have had 50 spices in a drawer and they drove me CRAZY! Love the labeled lids, you smartypants.

  4. I love this idea! The drawer is so handy and looks nice!


  5. i'm disturbed by several things...lol
    a) you have that many spices
    b) you use them enough to buy new jars and organize

    hahaha...i may have to follow you - i don't use them very often but i can never find them when i do!!

  6. Looks awesome! I've been going on a MAJOR organizing mission around the house. And yes, you do sleep better when things are organized!

  7. I need to do this too in a bad way - I've got 12 red McCormick containers looking at me and they're not so pretty. I just pinned this source for the jar to get me moving on this project. We have a few of those deep drawers and they are wonderful for storage.

  8. Smart smart smart, and I can use this tip. My spices are in the island by the stove and when we built the house the last thing I was thinking of is how big my drawers need to be. I have to rummage through the spices all the time.



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