In 1998, my husband and I ran across Story People prints in little shop in South Florida.  
We would stop in the shop often just to browse through the quirky art.
We once gifted each other the same exact print for an anniversary.

The prints have been displayed in every apartment and house we have lived in for
the past 14 years.  Most recently half of them were hanging in our mudroom and 
the other half bravely lived in the playroom.
Let's just say, with two boys that like to play indoor baseball, football, soccer and dodgeball,
that didn't work out too well.

I took them all out of their frames and decided to tack them up on the 
wall in the landing of the second floor.

I didn't do any measuring or pre-arranging.  I just started tacking them up with thumbtacks.

I like the fun vibe they bring to the space. 
This wall is in between my boys' room and my daughter's room.
I can't think of a better place to hang this precious art.

Willee likes it there too. 

There are several more Story People prints I have my eye on.  
Here are just a few.

I could go on and on and on, but if you have a few minutes, check them all out for yourself here.


  1. i love these prints- we have 5 or 6 of them as well and i haven't yet made a wall for them here.... i have the princess one, and i think a couple other of the same ones. their messages are so great.

  2. What great prints! Love that you guys bought the same one for each other :)

  3. Those are so fun and I love the casual tacking of them to the wall! Which one did you give each other for your anniversary? Were you able to exchange one?!!!

  4. I'd say you found the perfect spot for them!

  5. These are so colorful and hold a special message too. What a great addition to your home - love what you did with them to be able to enjoy them.

  6. I too have several of the ones you enjoy. I lucked up in a thrift store and found 2 SIGNED by the artist in frames for $2.00 EACH. The storypeople series has been enjoyed by our family for yrs. Aren't the cards perfect too? I luv your display, but would sob if they became damaged, etc without the frame. May try it, it looks great. I have also framed the cards to accent w/the large matted ones. I suppose you subscribe to the 'story of the day'....such inspiration...........

  7. I had never seen these before. I love them. I think it is a great idea to tack them up on the wall. It is so hard to have all that glass with kids. Now you can just enjoy them.



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