Remember this plan from back in the summer?  
It is finally coming together.  
The family has moved into their brand new home and the decorating has begun. 

I was on the hunt for a comfy chair to add some seating to their new family room.
I found the perfect chair at a local on-line estate sale.
I bought it sight unseen.  
I was so excited when I picked it up.  It is a very well made chair.
The fabric on it was not bad, but not quite what we were looking for. 

I picked up some of the gorgeous navy and white herringbone fabric for the makeover. 
The navy and white floral is for the window treatments.

I love the way it turned out. 
My client has not seen it in person yet.  
I picked it up yesterday from the upholsterer and I brought it in my house to snap some pictures.

I love the subtle herringbone pattern.

We decided to leave the skirt off.  It gives it a more updated look.

It is currently residing in the corner of my living room. 
I kind of like the idea of having a chair in the corner.  
This one is a little large for the space, but I may be on the hunt for something now. 
It will be making a move to our storage room tomorrow.  
I just don't trust my kids not to mess it up!!

I am excited to hand it over to my client. I know she's going to love it too. 
Hopefully I will have some shots of the room to show you soon.

And in case you haven't heard, the Reds lost last week. 
So while we won't be celebrating a win, I still have plans to have a little party.
I promise to keep you posted. 


  1. Andrea, love how the chair turned out. The classic herringbone (in my favorite hue) was the perfect choice! I think your client is going to be very happy. Can't wait to see how the drapes turn out!

  2. The chair looks fantastic! It's funny how I noticed the curve in the arms so much more with the new fabric. I love a great herringbone pattern. It's lovely!

    And those Reds! Oh, how sad I was to see them lose! Honestly, I never really considered the idea of them losing that series after winning two on the road. Devastating!

  3. Love a herringbone, and it looks great on the chair. Lucky client!

  4. it looks so cozy! and i love the skirtless look- i do that sometimes, too. i feel freer. and on the chair it just looks more open and clean. the fabric is awesome, too!

  5. Very good choice of fabric! I just slip covered a chair with similar lines. and it was so comfy and looked so nice in my house I was a little sad to send it home with its owner! I may be on the lookout for a chair too!
    And you must be from Ohio too?? I'm in Covington - little village close to Piqua and Troy!

  6. That fabric is gorgeous and a perfect choice for the chair as it has long term flexibility. Love that you left the skirt off too. You client is going to be delighted!!!

  7. Love that fabric and smart choice to leave the skirt off! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  8. I love the rolled arms and you're right, leaving the skirt off updated it completely!

  9. Ahhh I am so excited to read this post today Andrea, you have no idea. I have been debating about chairs for my living room and just seeing how beautifully this one for your client came out helps make my decision easier. I love the fabric and the comfiness of that chair!! It looks so great in your house! Too bad you have to let it go :) Great job.

  10. love it - I'm getting excited for my new furniture (i see more and more blue out there) and after having a slipcoverless white chair for a week i see i made the right choice (listening to the boys)

    I can't wait to see how the whole room turns out!!

  11. Are you sure you're handing it over to your client? I think it looks perfect in that corner and I love the fabric that was chosen for it. The English roll-arm is one of my favorite type of arm styles too - a great addition for their home.


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