Not sure if you follow baseball, but our hometown team, the Cincinnati Reds, are in the playoffs.
When I first met my husband, he lived in South Florida and worked for the Florida Marlins.
He was in sales and marketing there and had to be at every home game 
That's 81 games, in case you were wondering. 
Needless to say, if I wasn't a baseball fan before that, I quickly became one. 
I even got to attend game seven of the 1997 World Series to watch the Marlins win.

Since we now live just outside of downtown Cincinnati, we root for the Reds.
I am hoping the Reds can pull off a win and I can pull off a little baseball party to celebrate. 

If so, I would love to make (or order) one of these adorable baseball wreaths.  
I would do my best to make some cute baseball cake pops. 
The kids would dig these red and white stripe straws.
The adults would love these Reds beer mugs. 
You can't have a baseball party without peanuts, right!
I thought these bracelets made out of old baseballs were very clever. 
And of course, a party would be the perfect excuse to break out the red gingham shirt.


We recently went to cheer on the Reds in person.

This one gets a little excited at times!

The girls stuck together. 

In case you care, the series is all tied up.  
The Reds have won two games and the Giants have won two games.  
First team to three wins, advances.   
Those Giants better not mess up my party plan!!


  1. The girls have to stick together don't we? :) I hope they win so you can have a party. Peanuts are a must!

  2. what fun baseball ideas! i have seen flowers made from them and i think that's cool, too. and yes, peanuts please!

  3. Oh I didn't know you were in Cincinnati! I grew up between Dayton and Cincinnati. We had our share of Reds games. Since we all moved to South Carolina 10 years ago, though, we don't follow sports at all. (I can't get into the southern college football mania)
    Anyway i love those red and white straws. :)

  4. Cheering them on from abroad! Love all your red & white picks...... making it to the playoffs are a reason to celebrate anyway, right? :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Your party inspiration board is great. If the Twins ever learn how to play ball I'd copy your board and just change the colors up a bit.



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