I wanted to add something semi-dramatic to the center of our dining room table this year. 
I'm normally like to keep the centerpiece simple, but I was feeling daring this year.

I picked up this giant tray (actually two giant trays) at an antique store 
in my parents' hometown over the Thanksgiving holiday.  They were $2.00 each.  
I know, I should have bought six, but you know how I like to buy things in pairs.

I took the glass from one of our lanterns (that used to hang over the dinging room table), 
turned it upside down and added a little Christmas tree inside. 
 I do plan to relocate the lanterns to the new dining room, but in the meantime, 
I thought I might as well make use of it. 

Throw in a few shiny ornaments and some natural elements 
and you've got yourself a semi-dramatic centerpiece. 

I like the way it makes a statement without overpowering the table. 
Semi-dramatic, right?

What's on your table for the holidays?

Hopefully you noticed the new navigation bar at the top 
and the new social media buttons at the top right.  
The talented Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling worked her magic once again.
I plan to do some behind the scenes work organizing the blog over the next two weeks.
Hopefully you will find the changes helpful.

I'll be back tomorrow with more Christmas to share. 


  1. A simple, yet beautiful, centerpiece. I have a vintage dollhouse with vintage holiday figures around the house, on my formal dining table.

  2. Elizabeth rocks - your new nav bar and icons look really nice. I need to do some maintenance myself - just add it to the to-do list. I think your centerpiece is awesome. You made it your own.

  3. I have three empty cloches that SHOULD be on some table somewhere! Maybe today?


  4. Wow, I so love your beautiful centerpiece and those vibrant Christmas balls. Simple amazing!

    Christmas table decorations

  5. It all looks so festive. I love it. You have a way with glass and balls, as well as the greens and Christmas ornaments. Thanks for sharing your ideas for these Christmas table decorations


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