Decorating corners always perplexes me.   
When I moved my favorite piece of furniture, the blue secretary, onto this wall 
in the new dining room, I new something would need to happen in that corner. 
It remained empty for a few weeks until I could come up with a plan.

Who am I kidding, I didn't have a plan.  

I hung the three silhouettes of my kids first.  I've been meaning to display these for over a year now.
Once they were up, the other wall was looking very lonely. 

I picked up two square frames at the thrift store and took out the hideous artwork that was in them.
I added the two brass trivets I found on my shopping adventure with Carmel.
The squares frames were begging to highlight something circular.
These two trivets couldn't have been more perfect.

I also picked up this piece of art at the thrift store. I added a little rub n' buff to the frame. 

This painting was a souvenir from a trip my husband and I took to Paris a few years back.  
For some strange reason, it was hiding under my bed. 

One the other side of the secretary is the antique map of downtown Cincinnati 
that I purchased on a trip to Scott's in Columbus earlier in the year. 
It sits just below three frames prints of landmarks in Germany that I picked up at a local antique store. 

Since the secretary is on the small side and it is sitting on this rather large wall,
I needed to fill up some space. 
My Bolivian Jew (beehive) plant is still hanging on, barely.  
I had to let the other one go last week.

You're dying to know what is in this cabinet, aren't you?

About 3/4 of my daughter's tea set collection is now displayed in here. 
Now that she is 10, going on 15, we don't have as many tea parties.  
But it's still fun for her to get them out and play with them every now and then.

 How do you deal with corners in your home?  


  1. Sometimes not having a plan produces the best results! This little corner looks terrific Andrea. I especially love the silhouettes!

  2. your solution was perfect! i agree- corners are a challenge!!! and i find myself wanting to put things all over the walls, but then i see homes with like one picture on them and they look great, and i get confused!

  3. I agree, corners can be tricky! I think you did a great job with yours - and I love that clear chair with that secretary and space. It's so cool how it adds a touch of modern and doesn't hide the rest of the beautiful decor!

  4. That corner looks so great! Love all of your artwork!

  5. I like the balance of your artwork, but at the same time it's kind of an eclectic grouping….nice job! HOW cute are those tea sets? I love that you have them on display. Now the wheels are turning as to where I could put Hannah's. Such a cute idea!

  6. It's great how you have brought this all together and it sounds (and looks) like it came together quite nicely. I also love the ghost chair you've added to bring in the shiny/clean with the bit of rustic in the hutch. Enjoy your new corner!! (and where can I find the rub n buff? I've looked everywhere and no one ever knows what I'm talking about when I ask a customer service rep)


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