I had planned on tackling a few projects around the house this past weekend.  
We didn't have much going on so it would have been the prefect opportunity 
to mark a few things off my to do list. 

Want to know what got I got accomplished?  


I have a good excuse, of course.  Okay, a few excuses.

Excuse #1.....

I have been hearing rumblings about this show for quite some time.
I wouldn't say a watch a ton of television, but I watch my fair share and 
honestly, I wasn't too interested in adding any new shows to my "must watch" list.
That was, until I downloaded season one of Downton Abbey from Netflix.

I sat in front of my computer (with headphones on) for eight hours this weekend.
I have nine more episodes to watch in order to get all caught up. 
I am fairly certain Matthew, Mary and Mr. Bates will be visiting me in my dreams tonight.
Fantastic show!  If you have about 16 hours to kill, I highly recommend watching every episode.

Excuse #2.....

Just before Christmas, my good friend, Wendy, and I decided to meet for lunch.
She mentioned that she would meet me after her hot yoga class. 
I wasted no time inviting myself to the class.
I wouldn't say I was hooked after the first class. 
Honestly, I'm lucky I lived through first class.
I had to leave the room once to get my bearings and cool off.
But guess what, I went back for more and more and more.

I snuck off Saturday afternoon and got my hot yoga fix in for the weekend.
There's something about sweating profusely,
 while manipulating your body into strange poses that invigorates me. 

Between my TV watching and sweating, I did manage to squeeze in
my six year old's basketball game, chaperoning a mini slumber party,
pruning the bushes, four loads of laundry, church,
and a little road trip to Indianapolis for a gymnastics meet.

Wow, did I say we didn't have much going on this past weekend?
Guess I was wrong.

How about you, what's your favorite excuse?


  1. I think I'm going to try Netflix too, I've just watched the first two of season 3 and I love the show...I'd love to catch up on the seasons. Thanks for the tip on Netflix!

  2. LOVE hot yoga and Downton Abbey is on my list! I just finished a book that reads like an episode,(according to the preface, of course I have no basis for comparison at the moment)The American Heiress, enjoyed it a great deal! Project schmoject, you'll get to 'em!

  3. I haven't done hot yoga yet but I had gotten into Vinyasa over the summer. I would like to take some more classes and even want to try pre-natal yoga too to see what that's all about. I have not watched any Downton Abbey but certainly hear a lot of great things about it.

  4. I know one thing for sure I'm NOT gonna check out any hot yoga, and I'm wavering whether or not I should discover Downton Abbey. Sounds like I should, then again, sounds like I shouldn't! But if it's something I will really love I should right?


  5. Ha! Ha! Ha! I have been recovering from surgery these last two weeks and my son hooked up the computer to my television and downloaded both seasons of Downton Abbey for me to watch. And I DID watch 16 hours over three days! Love it!

  6. Last summer, I did the same thing. I ordered from Netflix and I was hooked on the first episode! As soon as I sent Season 1 back, in came Season 2. Then I found out that Season 3 didn't start until January 2013!! I'm so thrilled it is on now!

  7. I really really want to try hot yoga….do you love it? Or is love too strong of a word?


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