It just so happens that one of my favorite little thrift stores happens to be right next to my gym.  
One day in late December, as I was leaving the gym, minding my own business, 
I spotted something beautiful out of the corner of my eye. 
I promptly stopped, mid-step, turned around, and a bee lined it inside.

This lovely emerald green vintage lamp greeted me once I made my way inside.
Wait, it gets better.....there were two of them - $8.00 each!
You know I can't pass up a pair (of anything).

There is something about vintage lamps that makes my heart go pitter patter. 

I only had one lamp shade in my stash that would work.
For now, the other lamp is residing in the basement with a plethora of other lamps.
Don't call Hoarders on me yet, I have plans for most of them.

We often use this buffet to serve drinks when entertaining.

It helps lure people from the kitchen into the dining room.

Here is a look at a few of my other thrifted lamps.

I never go purposely go looking for lamps for my home, but I do seem to happen upon them often.
From the looks of my basement, I may never need to buy another lamp, EVER!

Alright, come clean, what are you hoarding in your basement.


  1. oooh gorgeous! great find!!!! i am finally about to join a gym... and it is next to the goodwill. well isn't that convenient.

  2. Oooooh those green lamps are SO pretty! And what a great spot for a help-yourself bar! I actually just bought my first pair of thrift store lamps recently and gave them a makeover…similar to your yellow ginger jar lamps above. I'm always afraid they're not going to work or the old cord will cause a fire or something, does anyone else think these things? Well anyway I'm so happy I picked them up, they are perfect after a coat of spray paint!

  3. You have quite the collection girl...... I'm not judging! :) Love your latest find!

  4. What a lamp and what a price! It looks awesome on your buffet. I'm hoarding all kinds of knick knacks and art in our basement as well - including a lamp or two. Can't wait to actually have the space for some of the stuff.

  5. I just noticed on your side bar that you have the label "Inspired By" - I love that. And I thank you for including me on there - what an honor.

  6. Pretty lamp Andrea, love the beautiful colors!

  7. Very nice collection of lamps! Do you use vintage shades or get new ones?

  8. Oh, that collection makes me feel good! Mine are all in the guest room ~ I've got to purge...soon! My son even asks, 'What are we going to do when we have guests?!' LOVE your new find!!

  9. You have the best lamp luck - I've been on the hunt for one for my guest room and just can't find one that I love.

    Where are you in Downton Abbey - have you gotten through the first two seasons yet? My hub is even hooked now! HA! LOVE that show!

  10. Love that lamp! Totally wish I had awesome thrift stores around my area!

  11. I am just as addicted to lamps. I see them as art. Please please let me know if you have a sale. You have one I've been seeking! Thanks.

  12. Please let us know when and if you have a lamp sale. You have one I've been seeking!


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