I haven't done much shopping this year, but I was out and about quite a bit the last few weeks of 2012 
and here a few things that caught my eye.....

Tuesday Morning has some amazing lamps.

They also had quite a few of these upholstered headboards.  The prices were great too.

I did a little antique shopping in my hometown when I was visiting for Thanksgiving.
My mom and I always manage to sneak off to our favorite local antique shop.

This giant ironstone vase caught my eye.  It was huge!

I almost bought this bright red dresser just for the hardware.  Beautiful!

My mom and I were both drooling over this old post office desk.
Not sure where I would put something like this, but it sure is cool. 

This piece peaked my interest.  Again, I think it was the hardware. 

I came across this XXL Chesterfield at Home Emporium.
You would certainly have enough seating for guests.

Another Home Emporium find, this great console with beautiful legs.
I like casual look the baskets bring to it.
Take those away and add some matching lamps and it could be quite formal.

This Urban Outfitters knock-off table almost came home with me.  It was only $34!

I loved all of these side tables at Homegoods.

I actually have no desire to shop lately.  I think Christmas took it all out of me.
How about you, are you all shopped out or do the winter sales entice you?  


  1. I haven't done any shopping either. We have a Tuesday Morning about 30 minutes from us but I've never been there, but now I think I need to make it a point to check out those lamps. I haven't been to my favorite consignment store either since the holidays so I'm going to have to stop in there soon - you never know what you'll find.

  2. Oh my..... that red dresser and small campaign table would have come home with me for sure! Not much to tempt me by way of design here in Geneva so I'll have to live vicariously thru you!

  3. I'm like Holly, I don't usually go to Tuesday Morning, but those lamps would give me reason to! Hardware makes the piece every time! A quick trip the day after Christmas but that's all the shopping for me ~ I'm sure the need will kick in soon! :)

  4. Wow - those are some great finds!! I have a very specific list but I only see things I don't need when I go shopping. Those lamps though - yes! And that little round table with the folding legs - love that!

  5. WOW so many great finds!!! i want the armoire behind the chesterfield!

  6. Well crap... I love everything! Looks like I'm going to have to hit up Tuesday Mornings and see if they have one of those headboards here.

  7. Great finds Andrea! The XXL Chesterfield is a kick! And I think I will head over to UO to see if there are any of those cute little tables available still....

  8. That old post office desk is amazing. Will it fit in my car?

  9. Hmmm. That red dresser might be worth a trip to W Ky. JW

  10. i really love the red dresser!:D

  11. Love the red dresser! I thought I was shopped out - until I found the most amazing mirror, landscape and other tidbits while out thrifting this weekend!


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