2013 kind of snuck up on me.
When the kids are off school, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to our days.
No complaints here.
I did my annual purging and organizing, 
watched way too many movies, 
went on a little blogging hiatus,
and I stayed in my PJs for days on end. 
Not my normal productive routine, but it sure felt good to ease into 2013.
Party's over, folks!  Back to reality.

Before I get going with 2013, I thought I would take a moment to re-cap 2012.


I finally tackled our master closet makeover and learned a few lessons along the way.


I had to pleasure of working with a few new clients 

I welcomed a ghost into our house.


I added some (yet to be sewn) valances to our master bathroom.


We took a little Spring Break trip to Islamorada, Florida.

We had a crew take over our house to film a local commercial.

I revealed some "after" photos from one of my design projects.

We bid farewell to our year old sectional and replaced it with a traditional sofa.


I added some glam to a gallery wall in the master bedroom.

I took a paintbrush to this tufted ottoman.

I added more blue to our home.  This time in the mudroom.

We spent tons of quality time enjoying the outdoors.


I revealed more design project updates, here and here.

I helped an e-design client with the family room in their brand new house.


As Michelle so eloquently put it, I spent time with some strangers 
I met on the internet (at the Haven conference).

I finally settled on a rug for the foyer.

I continued my obsession with Rub N' Buff and a pimped out a sunburst mirror.

We made our sixth trip the ER with our youngest child.

We sadly said goodbye to our beloved 13 year old dog, Charlie.

I showed the newest changes in our constantly evolving family room.

I finished up a design project.


I wrapped up two more design projects, here and here.

We sent those crazy kids of ours back to school

I finally got around to showing you the back porch.

I introduced the newest member of our family, our mini golden doodle, Willee!


I lucked out and found the perfect lamp for our family room, for only $5!

I re-capped a trip we took in August to Michigan.


I got busy organizing my boys' closet. 

I officially started my "green" collection, which has grown quite a bit as of recently. 


I re-capped my little guy's 6th birthday party.

I got a crazy idea to switch up two rooms in the house, which resulted in the creation of "The Nook".

The big switch also allowed us to create a new dining room
which came with a whole new set of problems.

I also finally got around to having the $10 thrift store chair reupholstered.

I made a few updates to our master bedroom.


I hosted a birthday party/cooking class at my home.

I did a little "pair" shopping and got to hang out with a great friend.

I cozied up a corner in the new dining room.

And lastly, I shared a few Christmas scenes around our house, here and here.

WOW, longest post EVER!! 
If you are still with me after all that, as we say in the south, "Bless Your Heart".

Bring it on, 2013!!


  1. what a great year you have had! i am so glad we have met in person! and i still think willee is the cutest pup ever- OMG!!!!!

  2. Isn't it crazy when you look back and see all that you got done in a year? Makes me feel so motivated! Glad you had a great Christmas break with your family!

  3. the curtains in your living room are the ones i've been looking for to brighten up the bedroom...where can i find that fabric???

  4. Wow, you packed a ton into the year - my favorite is your ghost! :) Looking forward to your 2013 projects!

  5. Whew! Quite the year! Can't wait to see what is in store for 2013!

  6. You had an amazing (and beautiful!) year. Thanks so much for sharing it all - you have a lovely home and an even more lovely family.

  7. You had a great year. I think you were due some hanging out time :)

  8. Other than the ER trips and saying goodbye to Charlie, it was a good year. Add take at least one nap to your 2013 list, you packed in a lot of stuff.


  9. Now that is what I would call a productive year! Looks like a fine balance between family, fun and work and here is to more of that in 2013!!!

  10. Your house is so beautiful! Wow, what a year you've had. I love seeing your client projects and look forward to seeing more. Happy New Year!

  11. Oh I love seeing this roundup of your year - both house and client projects and all the happy times you made as a family! What a great year you had and I can't wait to see what 2013 brings for you Andrea!!

  12. Good grief you've been a busy lady!!! I want to snuggle up to Williee, he's so darn cute :) Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve and what gets rubbed and buffed this year!

  13. what an incredible year, andrea! so much lovely and inspiration. love the ghost (2 over here) and the pic with sherry!

    hope you'll pop over when you have a moment, lovely blogger.

    smiles to you.


  14. I think it's safe to say you rocked 2012 - way to go. You should proud of all that you accomplished in all aspects. And cheers to just as productive 2013 for all of us. And you got this post together - I didn't even have the energy to do a year in review post.


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