This little request took on a whole new meaning last week.  
A photographer that has done some work at our home in the past called us up 
a few weeks ago and asked if he could possibly use our bathroom to do a little photo/video shoot.
Well, why not.

They were shooting marketing material for a not yet released product.
The crew showed up at 8:00 a.m. last Friday morning and basically took over the bathroom,
and a few other rooms as well.

We had hair and make-up in the kitchen.

A little buffet set up on the peninsula.
(Willie was so tempted by the bagels.)

The viewing area was set up in the nook.

And most of the action took place in the master bathroom.

There were a few shots done in the foyer.
(Once again, Willee had to get in on the action).

We have had several other photo shoots/commercials done at our home over the past few years.
You can read about them here, here here, here and here.

I always get a few emails after a post like this, so let me explain how this works.
Back in 2010, my husband's cousin, who works for a production company,
contacted us about possibly using our kitchen for a commercial.
They sent a location scout out and she took pictures of our home.
The scout has the pictures of our home on file and when one of her clients contacts
 her about a project that our house may be a fit for, she lets us know.
Sometimes we get the job, and sometimes we don't.

Our house works well for shoots because we have larger than average rooms,
lots of natural sunlight and several different areas that will accommodate a large crew.

I enjoy watching it all come together.
It always amazes me to see how many people
and how much equipment it takes to put together a
:30 second commercial or a photograph.

My computer seems to be up and running again.
2013 has not been a good year for electronics around here.
I have really missed blogging these past couple of weeks.
You missed me too, right?


  1. I have missed you! Don't worry, we are all still here. :) How fun to see the behind the scenes of the photo shoots and to use your home as well. Love that Willy is getting in on the shots. Hopefully things will start looking up for the electronics soon!

  2. Definitely missed you! I just think this is so freakin, stinkin, cool!!!

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  4. That is CRAZY that you've had commercials done at your house! Wow!! You are so famous!! And your house is beautiful so I am not surprised you would get frequent calls.

  5. That is way cool that you've had (multiple) commercials done in your home! I'm guessing that since I get Cinci channels, I might recognize them, yes? You'll have to let me know so I can keep watch!

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  7. What fun that you have commercials done in your house! That would be so fun to see!

  8. Love when I see these updates from you - so are you on the set too or do you peace out for the day? Now you just have to pitch all of those reasons this production loves your home to the Meredith Corporation - get your home in one of those print mags!! ;) (I mean it!)

  9. so much fun!! it is amazing how many people it takes...They shot a commercial in front of my store for Citgo and it took 3 days and they basically redid the entire street changed a ballet store into a hardware store...I've never seen it though

    I've got to get back to blogging too...I've got 3 at this point UGH!

  10. I hope they pay you really well for the inconvenience! GAH - that's a whole lotta equipment!


I love reading each and every one of your comments!