A couple of weeks ago, when I made a trip to the Ballard Design Outlet, 
I also stopped in Ikea for a quick jaunt through the Marketplace. 
I came home with two of these

You certainly can't beat the $4.99 price tag.

You know I like to buy things in pairs.  
Even though my husband said he doesn't need to see his face magnified, 
I got one for his side too. 

See those valances?  Yep, still just pinned under and tacked up there. 
One of these days.....

Ikea is about 30 minutes from my house, so I don't get up there too often,
but when I'm in the vicinity, I almost make a point to pop in. 

I occasionally pick up a pack or two of these drinking glasses.
They are the perfect size for the kids.

I also love their waterproof mattress pads, pillow inserts, throws, storage supplies and picture frames. 
I made the mistake of going to Ikea once on a weekend.  I won't repeat that one!

I think Ikea is one of those stores that people either love or hate.  I'm a lover!

How about you, are you an Ikea fan?  


  1. I love Ikea and we don't really have one close by. LOVE the vintage look of those mirrors.

  2. i love those! my grandmother always had one like it and i just love them! i used to like to look in hers and make funny faces....

  3. Yes, Ikea! I also have my valance over my sink with pins in it, I'll sew it up one day. :) Those mirrors are fabulous and a great price too!

  4. Ok, one of my favorite things about staying in a hotel are those mirrors. Hello plucked eyebrow perfection :D I'm so freakin, stinkin excited to be moving near an Ikea in a week. The closest one to me in KS is 6 hours away. No bueno.

  5. We live right down the street from an IKEA so I make sure I never go on the weekend - crazy times!

  6. Who hates Ikea?! That's crazy! I love love love!!!

  7. Those mirrors are a steal and look great as a pair! I'll bet you even catch the husband checking himself out in full magnification...
    I am an Ikea lover!

  8. The mirrors look great although I have to admit to having a love/hate relationship with the one I have installed in our bathroom at home..... sometimes I just don't need to see all those wrinkles close up. :) I love Ikea in small doses... mixed in with higher end and/or vintage pieces. My very favorite thing from there are their pillow inserts.... I use them everywhere!


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