There are several spots in my house that make me really happy. 
I walk by them many times a day, and I always think, I should take a picture of this view.

Today, I did just that.

First up, the view from my kitchen windows.....
Deer are abundant in our little town and they love to hang out in the back yard.
Willee isn't quite sure what to do about this yet.

I certainly wouldn't call myself a couch potato, 
but when I am lounging on the couch, this is one of my views.  
I love seeing the two consignment store chairs, the butterfly art, the glass bottles,
and the family photos when I glance this way.

Here's another view from the couch.  
I think it's all the textures in this corner that always catches my eye -
like the fireplace stone, the metal scones, the woven blinds, the wicker baskets and the fabrics.

This is the view into the dining room from the foyer.  
We don't come in and out of our front door, but neighborhood kids are forever ringing our doorbell.
Therefore, I see this spot often.
It's definitely the color that draws me in here.
I love a neutral backdrop, but I have to have color in my decor. 
It just makes me happy.
(Notice my Jade plant is still alive)

This spot makes me smile for many reasons.  
For starters, the baby doll, which my daughter has had since she was three. 
Also, the chair is so darn comfortable and I love the bright raspberry fabric on it.
The thrifted lamp and rusty stool round out this corner nicely.
You will often find me hiding out in my daughter's room, reading in this chair.

This is what's happening in the boys' room now.
Who doesn't like a good dinosaur fight? 
I've got my money on the T-Rex.

This is the view from our bed, into the master bathroom.
I think it's the painted ceiling that makes this view so pleasant for me.
I am such a sucker for a ceiling painted with color!

This has to be one of my all time favorite views - my little guy playing the piano.
I posted here, about how happy it makes me to hear him play, but lately,
I have found myself on the verge of tearing up every time he plays a song.
I think it's because he is normally a pretty rough and tumble little boy.
 To see the softer side of him literally melts my heart. 

On the flip side, there are other spots in my house that I'm not so fond of right now. 
I'll share those in another post....


  1. I've started to take a few of my favorite shots around the house just because we're not going to be there much longer. It's a good way to capture those memories. I just started reading Nate Berkus's book and your post reminds me a lot about "what matters". Have a good day Andrea.

  2. Your home is so lovely and I can see why those spots make you happy, especially the last one! It's good to slow down and look at things with a keen eye, that way you can apply the formula to the places where you don't like the "view" as much!

  3. your home is so beautiful and i love all these nooks! i also love seeing your guy play- i want sawyer to take lessons but he wants to learn to play the guitar.

  4. You have SO many pretty spots in your home Andrea!! I especially love your little lad playing the piano - standing up - he is so cute! I think I need to do this - walk around my house and think about my favorite areas. I think so much on what I want to change all the time, instead of actually enjoying the spaces. Thank you - I needed a fresh perspective today!

  5. Great post, Andrea, inspires me to chill and enjoy the view around here! Love your view from the foyer, that blue secretary and ghost chair are fabulous! And your little guy, so sweet!! (I'm sure that description would make him cringe!)

  6. You son is adorable! We just bought a piano for my 9 year old and I have been having a hard time deciding where to put it. It looks like you have a perfect spot for yours!


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