A few months ago, we had a little incident at our house.

It went something like this...

Son #2:  Uh mom, something happened to the lamp in our room.

Me:  What happened?

Son #1:  Uh, we don't know, but one of the lamps in our room doesn't look right.

Me:  Did you break it?

Son #2:  I didn't do it?

Son #1:  I didn't do it either!

Me:  Well, then who did it? 

Both Sons:  Uh, we were just playing football in our room 
and the ball kind of flew across the room and hit the lamp and now the lamp looks weird.

Me:  You mean, you broke it?

Both Sons:  Silence.

Unfortunately, that kind of thing happens often around here. 
Probably the reason I don't buy expensive things.

Ever since the mystifying lamp incident, the reading light in my boys' room has been less than stellar. 
I made a trip to the Ballard Outlet last week, where I scored these amazing ottomans for a client.

I also came home with two of these sconces.

It was the doorbuster deal of the day, so I got them for $29.99 each.

I switched out the shades for some Target drum shades. 

In case you haven't noticed, my puppy, Willee, likes to be photographed.  
He literally follows me everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  
I don't mind, I kind of like having a little sidekick.

The new sconces provide just the right amount of light for reading.  
My little guy is in kindergarten and is just learning to read. 
I love snuggling with him in bed listening to him sound out words.

To make the cords a little less conspicuous, 
I used these little cord hooks to hide them next to the window frame.  
The hooks are hidden behind the curtains.

Wonder how long it will be before a football/baseball/basketball accidentally flies into 
these sconces and makes them look weird?

Good thing they were only $29.99!

This room has come a long way since winning the Ugly Carpet Contest. 
You can read all about it here, herehere, here, here, and here.

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  1. oooh those are awesome!!!!!!! i may need those for sawyer's room at some point!

  2. No way! Great deal on those and they look great too. Wish we had a Ballard outlet near us.

  3. The lights, the room, Willie...good stuff over there!! :)

  4. "I wouldn't say they're broke, just weird Mom" hahaha! Creative little guys :D great find on the sconces, they look awesome there. Especially love the long piece down the back.

  5. Clearly, it was the football's fault :) I've heard that before!

    This is a great room. Thanks for linking up.


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