I have been a bad blogger lately. There, I admitted it.  
Sure feels good to get that off my chest.
I hope you'll accept my apology. 

Here are a few of my excuses
1) three active children
2) house projects
3) client projects
4) PTO duties

I'll try to do better, I promise. 

Funny, when I do have a few spare moments, I always end up tinkering with things in my house. 
I realized one afternoon that I was bored with my "white collection" in the kitchen,
and my wheels started spinning. 

Since I also wasn't quite satisfied with my "green collection" being hidden away
 in the foyer, I decided to do a little switch-a-roo.  

This little change made all the difference.  I just crave a change of scenery every so often.
Seeing the shades of green  prominently displayed makes me smile. 

I've been adding a few pieces to my collection here and there. 
I also mixed in a little brass just to add some interest.  

I just can't get enough of the color green.  
I love this time of year when the grass is so green and lively and the trees are starting to bloom. 

My "white collection" ended up here. 
It really shows up so much more than the green did in this dark cabinet.

Do you ever make a little change that you love so much 
and then wonder why in the heck it took you so long to do it?

Yep, me too, all the time!


  1. such a simple change, but it makes a big difference! i like the color in the kitchen! :)

  2. Yup, I am a bad blogger too, for many of the same reasons! The good news is that when we have something to say, our friends are always there to listen.... Enjoy your full life Andrea!
    Love the flip-flop of collections, a great look that satisfies the need for change.

  3. I love the charm of your green collection, it does stand out much better! Enjoy those three active kiddos, I would have never had time to blog when mine was younger, don't know how you girls do it!

  4. I love all your green pieces in the kitchen - they are a fun pop of color. I've been collecting blues and greens for my living/dining rooms and love to see how you displayed yours!

  5. You did some great work with this small change. Life does get in the way of blogging! lol It is crazy busy at my house as well.

  6. Ha Ha... I think I change things up daily!

    And I agree, although I love all the green pieces, the white looks better in that cabinet!



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