Mother Nature has been playing some tricks on us lately.  
One day, it's 80 degrees and we are wearing shorts and the next thing you know, 
it's time to get the coats out again.  
I sure wish she would make up her mind. 

While she was blessing us with some sunshine earlier this week, 
I gave the back porch a good Spring cleaning.
 And in true Andrea fashion, I changed things up a bit. 

Last year, it looked like this....

I added a few branches with flowering buds from our neighbor's backyard.

And a few daffodils too.

The back porch, a good book and a cup of tea have been calling my name all week. 
Too bad I'm still catching up from vacation.
Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who has trouble relaxing when
there is work to be done. 
Don't worry, I'm working on that. Ha!

I hope you have a great weekend, despite Mother Nature's fickleness.


  1. So pretty, your porch. Love the pops of greeny blue! I would love to enclose our deck and put a couch and chairs out there. It's on the big list.

  2. oooh i love the new orientation of the furniture! looks beautiful of course! and you know i love all those colors!

  3. Oh I so love your porch! It totally looks like an indoor room. Just perfect! The weather is crazy here too. Everyday I have to check what it's going to do before getting dressed because inevitably I'll put on shorts on a day it's going to be cold and jeans on what turns out to be super hot and humid :/

  4. I like the changes as well as the branches from your (neighbor's) yard and the daffodils. Get caught up and then head out there and enjoy!

  5. So beautiful - I would love to have a porch as pretty as yours ! I'd never get anything done in the summer - I'd be out there all the time ! Come to think of it - I'd never get anything done in the Spring and Fall either - the porch would always be calling my name....

  6. Love the new arrangement - that is such a great spot! The weather has been nuts - yesterday was 80 and Friday will be in the 50's!


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