Back in April, a previous client of mine emailed me about doing 
an e-design for her mother for a Mother's Day gift.  
I loved working with her on this design 
and I thought it was such a sweet idea to 
gift her mother an e-edesign.

This is the design her mother received for Mother's Day....  

The first thing I did was find an amazing antique bed on Craigslist.  
I sent my client an email with the listing and told her I thought 
it would look great in her mother's bedroom.  
That afternoon, she sent me an email to let me know 
that the bed was purchased and siting in her garage. 
Gotta love a client that doesn't mess around!  

Her mother already had a beautiful chaise she wanted to have reupholstered 
and an antique dresser that she was open to painting. 

I chose this durable indoor/outdoor velvet Sunbrella to cover the chaise.

And I suggested that she give her antique dresser a two toned paint treatment similar to this dresser....

Her mother already a wall color in mind, Olympic Thin Ice.
This is such a soothing and calming color for a bedroom.

Once I complete a design and then turn it over to the client to review,
I always get a little nervous. 
I spend a lot of time on my designs trying to incorporate the client's wishes 
with the elements I know will make a beautiful room.
I continue to tweak, rearrange, add to, take away from and revise the design until 
I am confident it is my best work. 
And then I turn it over and wait. 
I wait on pins and needles to hear feedback from my client. 

95% of the time, the client is thrilled with the design and we begin implementation immediately. 
Every once in a while, a few revisions are needed, which I am always happy to do. 
Fortunately, this design won my client's approval, and more importantly, her mother's approval. 

They have been busy working on the room 
and I am hoping they will share some after pictures with me when it is complete. 

If you would like help creating a beautiful space in your home, 
you can contact me here or check out the services I offer here.

Now, back to carpooling, laundry and referring! 


  1. that's a thoughtful gift and what a classic and soothing space you put together!

  2. I love that idea for a gift. Sometimes we all just need a jumping off point……it's so easy to get stuck in indecision! The board is great - filled with character and pretties!

  3. It looks so pretty together - especially love the colour of the walls with the duvet.


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