It has been almost four years since we moved into "The Money Pit".  
I thought it would be fun to take a look back over the next few weeks 
of how far this home of ours has come.

I have no rhyme or reason behind this, but thought I would start with the master bedroom.
Oh wait, I do have a reason....
My mom made some new window treatments for the master bedroom and
I'm dying to show them to you.

Here's a peek before I show you the ugly before pictures.

Before we bought the house, it looked something like this....

Once the renovation started, it looked like this for a short while....

Shortly after we moved in, it looked like this.....

Last year, I made a few small changes and it looked like this for a short while....

And these were the drapes, which were also used in the master bedroom at our old house.

I found a huge bolt of indoor/outdoor fabric on clearance at the Frontgate Outlet.
I never did measure the total yardage, but the tag said 50 yards.  It was $100!
I had no idea what I would use it for, but I just couldn't pass it up.
As soon as I got it home, it hit me, master bedroom drapes.

My talented mother came to the rescue and made them for me.  
The woman has mad sewing skills!

She delivered them when she came to visit this weekend.
We wasted no time getting them hung.

You know I love stripes, right? 

This is even better than stripes, it's stripes with a pattern.

Here's a closer look.

Initially, I wasn't sure how I would like them up against the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt wall color. 
As soon as they were hung and I took a step back to take it all in, I fell in love.

 I'm still working out a few kinks with the pleats.
Don't worry, I'll have these beauties trained in no time.  

Oh, and as luck would have it, I still have about 25 yards of this gorgeous fabric left.  
I'm pretty certain it will be making an appearance on the back porch.

 Believe it not, I went back to the Frontgate Outlet the next day
 and bought my mom 60 yards of a different fabric - for $100. 
I just can't pass up a deal like that.

Would you?

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  1. Oh wow your drapes are stunning and the fabric is beautiful. Such a fabulous pattern. The room is lovely. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that just started. www.astrollthrulife.net Hugs, Marty

  2. They are beautiful, Andrea! Lucky girl to have such a fabulous seamstress for a mom!! Your bedroom is so serene and pretty, what a difference from where it started!

  3. it's all so beautiful- those curtains are AMAZING! worth the wait!

  4. Wow, that is some price for 50 yards of fabric!! They pull the room together instantly.. Nice!

  5. Those drapes are gorgeous!! What a talented mother you have!

  6. Nothing like having a talented seamstress available and finding a screaming deal on fabric! LOVE the drapery, especially the color and pattern, what a nice pop to your MBR!

  7. Andrea they look beautiful...love the whole room!!

  8. Looks fabulous Andrea - love that fabric too!

  9. Love the colors together! What a steal that fabric was:) Your Mom did a fabulous job.....

  10. Such a great fabric and such a bargain. A lovely addition to your beautiful bedroom. Lucky you to have a very talented mom! Jane

  11. Beautiful draperies Andrea! JW

  12. What a great find! Love the pattern and stripes. And what an amazing mom to make the drapes for you. They are beautiful.

  13. the room looks so cozy!

  14. So pretty, Andrea (and mom!). That striped fabric couldn't be more perfect for you! :) Your photos look great with the gold corners, too!

  15. Holy cow, that's a steal! And totally gorgeous too :)


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