My parents bought this beautiful antique wall clock
in Germany when they lived there during their first year of marriage.
It hung on the walls of my childhood home for many years.
My parents just recently gave it to me and I am honored to have it in my home now. 

I  had it stored in a closet for a few months.  
Every time I would talk to my mom,  she would ask me if I found a spot for it yet. 
The guilt started to get to me.  

I took it out of the closet and walked around the house with it one day.  
I tried it in several different spots.
 I wanted it to hang in a prominent place, but somewhere out of the way of flying balls.
Not that anyone here ever throws balls in the house (insert sarcasm), but just in case. 

I finally settled on this nice little safe corner.
It is somewhat shielded by the cabinet, yet I see it every time I pass by.
Nice and protected from flying balls (I think). 

I seem to remember it chiming quite a lot as a child. 
I am looking forward to having it repaired. 
We need some more noise around here. 

I did a little research to learn more about this clock. 
I came across an identical one here

I love filling our home with treasures from the past and family heirlooms.
To me, it is what truly what makes a house a home. 


  1. I totally agree, it's pieces like this passed down from family or items that are full of sentiment that make a house a home. How cool to have this piece from your childhood in your home today and maybe one day it will grace the walls of one of your kids' homes!

  2. Such a beautiful piece and I couldn't agree more that it's the heirlooms and pieces with meaning that make our homes so special!

  3. It's beautiful! My in-laws had a very similar one that was brought from Germany many years a go and given to them by a friend. It hung in their home forever. They moved to a condo and hung it over the fireplace and apparently it wasn't anchored well and fell to the tile floor in smithereens! Please make sure it is very secure. It was a sad loss for all of us.

  4. What a beautiful clock Andrea...you found the perfect spot for it!

  5. Too funny! My folks lived in Germany for the first 3 years of their married life while my Dad was in the service. Both my brother and i were born there. We had a cuckoo clock in our home growing up. How fun to have a bit of your childhood to share with your own kids!

  6. What a wonderful addition! I absolutely love the sound of a chiming clock and one with a story to tell is even better. My girls are already arguing over who gets our cuckoo clock when they grow up!

  7. Beautiful!!! I love having antiques like that around. Fingers crossed it doesn't have a collision with any flying balls! My husband bought a cuckoo clock when he was in Germany right before we got married. He wants it prominently displayed in the new house. I would do it, if only it was beautiful like yours. Unfortunately his has little wooden men that slam their beer mugs down on a table.... every. stinking. hour. 😕

  8. oh i love it! i love special pieces like that, too! it's a classic beauty!

  9. Love the clock! A dear friend of ours, who happens to be 81 years old, made us a clock for our new house for Christmas very similar to this. I know it will be passed down for generations!

  10. My mom had bought by grandfather a clock for Christmas one year since he loved clocks that chimed. When he passed away, my mom gave it to me. It matches nothing I have, but I love it!

  11. Beautiful clock! How wonderful to have such a special piece.

  12. What a beautiful clock, and so filled with history and sentiment.... I agree, that is what makes a home - you and your family will think about your parents every time you see or hear it ! Lovely.....

  13. That is one beautiful clock! Though anything chiming or cuckooing every hour would drive me through the roof, lol!

  14. What a treasure, Andrea! I agree too, sentimental pieces are what make a home! Lucky you that you don't have a sibling that wanted it! :)


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