I have lost count of what round of  musical chairs I am on now, 
but it seems I have a bit of a chair fetish.
I just recently bought these great Bentwood chairs and loved them at the dining room table. 
For about two months, that is.  
Then, I came across these vintage chrome and rattan chairs.

I bought them from an on-line estate sale.
I paid $12 total for the four chairs. 
They are similar to the chrome and wicker chairs I bought last year. 
Those are now residing in furniture purgatory (AKA, the basement).

I am in the process of recovering the seats with some fabric I had on hand. 
I have every intention of finishing up the project over the weekend.

Since the new chairs ended up in the dining room, 
I decided to move the Bentwood chairs to the family room.
Those seats will be recovered this weekend also. 

How about we take a little walk down memory lane to see just how indecisive I really am.

It does make me feel a little better knowing I didn't pay more than $10 a piece for all of these chairs 
(with the exception of the parsons chairs - still a great deal from the Pottery Barn Outlet).
Full disclosure here folks!

I think I need to start getting rid of some chairs (and tables & lamps).
Furniture purgatory is getting a little over crowded. 


  1. Seriously i would be just like you (buying tons of chairs) i love them! and it's hard to pass up a good bargain on a set that are cool - the only thing is, i have no where to store them. so i have to make myself pass them up. it's hard! love all your chair choices :)

  2. Some people have shoes feddishes....yours is chairs.

  3. Well whenever you get the bug to change it up, you can always play chair switcheroo like you have been. They are all so fun and the best part, they were inexpensive!

  4. we are so similar in the musical chairs! i love changing mine up often! ;) love the new chairs!

  5. I used to have those same chairs in the first photo. Love how you change up your chairs!

  6. Enter craigslist... sell those puppies and fund a fun new purchase! If I lived closer, I would buy some of them from you!

  7. Ha! Does your family even notice when you get a new set? Not long ago I sold eight that were stacked on top of each other in my laundry room! We're sick!! :)

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  9. It's pretty amazing you keep finding sets of them. I usually find one or two random ones here or there, but to have 4 of each...you could totally sell those puppies and make some good cash! Maybe Etsy?? I love all of them but the wooden school ones really got me! They're so unique. And really, at that price, how can you pass them up? ;)

  10. Why are the chrome and wicker chairs in the basement, they're too awesome to be in purgatory!!!

  11. You crack me up Andrea!!! I love your newest chairs and can't wait to see all your chairs recovered - keep us updated! I have the opposite problem - I can't commit to any chairs! My kids ask me NIGHTLY when we are getting new chairs, and I scour CL and online stores but I just can't take the plunge. I wish you lived near me - you seem to have the knack for finding cool ones!

  12. I had to pop on over and see what this post was all about. I live in a 600 sq ft cottage with my husband and daughter and have 16 chairs in here! I'm not indecisive, I just like them all! Those wooden ones with the aqua metal on the back are my faves!


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