Last week I found an amazing campaign dresser on Craigslist.
I contacted the seller, made arrangements to go see it (along with my husband).
The seller was located about 15 minutes from my house.
When we got there, the dresser seemed to be in decent shape.
There were a few minor scratches and several of the brass pulls were missing.
I offered him $85 ($10 less than his asking price).
He agreed, we loaded the dresser up and went on our merry way.

Here is the dresser.....

I have been on the lookout for a campaign dresser for a while and I knew was ecstatic to 
have found one in reasonably good condition at a great price.

Fast forward about 12 hours.....

 I get an email from the seller telling me he had made a mistake.
He was selling the dresser on behalf of his friend who had moved away.
He thought she told him to list it for $95, when she had actually said $595.  
His friend was quite upset at him for his mistake .
He asked if I could show some compassion and give the dresser back.
He wanted to come pick it up, give me my money back and reimburse me for gas.

  He went on to say in his email that his friend had fallen on hard times 
and really needed the money from the sale of the dresser ($595 not $85).

 I thought about it for a bit.
Now granted, the dresser was mine.  
I had negotiated a price with the seller, paid him cash and brought it home with me. 
But somehow, I just didn't feel good about it.
Perhaps after I left with the dresser, 
he got an email from another buyer willing to pay more than the $95 asking price.
Maybe he thought it would be worth the hassle to come pick it up and resale it for more.

I thought to myself WWJD (What Would Jesus Do).
Well, given that Jesus was a talented carpenter, he probably would have built himself
a fabulous campaign dresser.
However, let's just say he was too busy performing miracles and spreading the good word, 
and ended up buying a dresser from a street peddler for a sweet price. 
Said street peddler, for whatever reason, then asked Jesus to give it back.
I am fairly certain Jesus would have given it back, no questions asked. 

In the end,  I gave the dresser back and got my money back plus a little extra for the trouble.
Our driveway is still covered in snow and ice 
so the dresser never even made it into the house. 
Good thing!  Had I brought it in, put it in place and styled it all up, 
I might not have let it go so easily. 

I have bought and sold quite a bit on Craigslist and this was my first unpleasant experience. 
Any Craigslist horror stories to share?


  1. Wow! I would not feel good about keeping it either... but $595? I would not spend that much on that dresser! Maybe, maybe $195?? It was not meant to be! You were right!

  2. What a story! And good for you, Andrea, for giving it back. I'm actually very surprised the man contacted you about it. I think if I were selling it for a friend and the same thing happened, I'd make the "friend" deal with it! He must be a pretty loyal buddy. Did you check to see if it was relisted for $595? Just curious. And seriously, there's no way she's gonna get that price for it. Oh well...here's to hoping another one comes along that's just as nice and maybe even cheaper! You deserve a pat on the back:)

  3. Good Craigslist karma is coming your way awesome friend!!!! : )

  4. Wow that is crazy! You are a good person for giving it back!!! Life can be hard and if the seller was sick over it, why not, right? I love your kind heart and your thought process on What Would Jesus Do. I tell that to my kids all the time!

  5. Whatever the reason, you did the right thing. I think a more perfect dresser will show up. Hugs, marty

  6. Wow! I've never had anything so crazy with craigslist before! I've had some annoying no shows, but this one takes the cake. That said, I think you did the right thing, but I can't imagine anyone paying THAT much for a campaign dresser. Hopefully, this "friend" will list his own furniture pieces instead of having someone else do it for him! I think it's great that it ties into your word of the year - pray - by asking 'What would Jesus do?" ;-)

  7. I agree, good for you for giving it back. I know that had to have been hard but good use of WWJD, will remind me to think of that more in my decision making. Now, that new price is crazy. You'll have to let us know if you get an email in the next few weeks asking if you will buy it back for your original price because they couldn't find anyone to buy it for $595 lol.

  8. I saw the same listing and thought about making an offer! It would be hard to feel good about the dresser after that email, so you definitely did the right thing. By the way, I do see it relisted for 595.

  9. You made the right choice! Just in case he was telling the truth, it seems like the right thing to do. And you probably would have second guessed yourself every time you saw it if you didn't return it!

  10. I'm in Lexington and I just saw this. http://louisville.craigslist.org/cbd/4312478551.html

  11. So, in thinking about this ... I wouldn't want that story attached to a dresser in my house. Everytime you would walk by it, you would feel weird.. Glad you gave it back.. but man that is really WEIRD.

  12. i know it's hard but i would have done the same thing- you gotta trust your gut on these things and what feels right!

  13. That is the craziest CL story yet. But I think you did the right thing!

  14. What a bummer, but I love that you had such a good attitude about it! And I hope you find another one at a great price!

  15. I'm going to choose to believe his story. And I think you did the right thing. But it still sucks. I've been buying/selling on Craig for, like, ever, and that's a new one. I probably would have done the same thing, and I'm thinking that there's an even better campaign dresser out there just waiting for you.


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