The new Waterlogue App has taken the world by storm (at least the Instagram world). 
Just in case you don't know about it yet, it is available to download for I-phones, I-pods and I-pads. 
You can buy it at the App Store for $2.99. 
Best $2.99 I have spent in a long time!

Once you start transforming regular old pictures into watercolors, you won't be able to stop.
Consider yourself warned.

Here are a few of my favorites. 

My three babies on the beach.

My favorite corner in our home.
(That big pile on the desk is our tax paperwork - just looks like beautiful art, doesn't it?)

My daughter's recently revamped room.
Isn't it great?  The giant mess on her desk just blends right in.

The colorful dining room.

 If you have a few hours to kill, be sure to check it out.
I haven't printed any yet, but I know others have, with no problems.
I will probably print them on nice heavy card stock. 

Like I needed something else to distract me.


  1. I can get on board with that. So beautiful. At first I thought you did the paintings yourself, it seems like something you could do! I was not going to be able to handle it :). Love it, thanks for sharing!

    1. MC, I wish I painted that. Looking forward to seeing what you paint!

  2. Just did a post on the waterlogue addiction too. Love it!

  3. Thank you for giving me something to do during our billionth snow day this year!

  4. I love it! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. So fun, Andrea! Seems like everyone is addicted!!

  6. Oh my gosh - yes love this app! I printed a few to test and the print quality was great. I want to print a larger size of a family pic next time.


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