Last week I dove right into reupholstering the seat cushions of my new (to me) chairs
I used some striped fabric I had on hand. 
It is the same fabric as the relaxed roman shade in our mudroom.

I am not good at DIY tutorials.  I jump right into a project.  
I ignore everything and everyone.  I make a giant mess and I always forget to grab the camera.
It's like any other project I take on.  
I strongly dislike the before and during process, but thoroughly enjoy the end result. 

My process was no where near perfect.  
I promise you do not want to see the bottom of these chair cushions 
(and the one million, crooked, half inserted staples).
But they sure look good from the top.

My stripes are probably a little off too, but oh well, for a $3 chair and free fabric, 
I am going to call this DIY a success!

We are looking forward to breaking these chairs in.
Just as soon as I attach the seat cushions to the bases.
One thing at a time.

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my dresser post yesterday. 
You guys sure made me feel like I made the right decision.
In case you are curious, the dresser was re-listed yesterday for $595.
Anyone interested?  


  1. I think your chairs look great! No one will see the underside anyway! I bought two x-legged ottomans for my foyer and want to recover them. Nervous!

  2. i have four of these chairs in my garage but i need to cut new seats and it has been too cold! love yours and can't wait to do mine!

  3. Now that is my kind of DIY complete with the lack of before during and after photos as well as detailed instructions. Gotta just get 'er done!!! They look great.... I could even see the seatbacks painted in a gorgeous blue to match the fabric....! BTW... I would have done what you did with the dresser, for all of the same reasons.

  4. I just clicked over to the CL ad for the dresser. I noticed the heading said $595 and the text of the posting said $495. I hope the seller can decide on an actual selling price.

  5. $595!!! Wow. Your seats look great!! You'd never know the bottom was less than perfect. I just did my in-laws dining room chairs and now I am about to embark on mine. Such a great way to freshen up chairs.


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