Well, it's only taken me a week and a half to get back to normal after our Spring Break trip. .

Our trip to Mexico started off with a little snafu. 
We had this trip planned for quite some time. 
About a month before the trip, my husband found out he had to be in Milwaukee for work,
four of the seven days we were planning to be in Mexico. 
There was no getting around it. 
We tried to arrange for him to come down for the last couple days of the trip, 
but the difference in airfare didn't make financial sense. 

So off to Mexico I went with these three......

Oh, and we met my sister, her family and my parents in the Charlotte airport.  
After a six hour delay, and a little time at the airport bar with my sister, 
all eleven of us continued onto Mexico.

We rented this house
It was AMAZING! 
It was big enough for everyone to spread out and have space, 
but it also had several common areas where we could all hang out together. 

Our trip consisted of plenty of adventure and tons of relaxation. 
I think I can speak for most everyone, especially the kids, 
that one of the most memorable parts of the trip was our day trip to Xel-Ha, an ecological water park. 
Everyone had so much fun.  

Most everyone zip-lined and it was a blast. 
Even my mother did it!
That's me at the top.  Don't worry, I'm not scared out of mind, just screaming my nephew's name. 

Later in the week, we visited the ruins in Telum. 
We left the little guys at home with my dad and brother-in-law.
We were afraid they would be bored and tire easily touring the ruins. 
Wish we would have brought them along.
The tour was short and sweet and they definitely could have hung in there. 

Just outside the ruins was a fabulous beach. The little guys would have especially loved this part.

Other than those two outings and a golf day for the guys, 
we just hung around the house and relaxed. 

and kayaked in the bay.......

and swam in the pool.....

and did a lot of hammock hanging....

and cousin time......

And then there were those really sweet moments.
Like when my five year old niece collected shells with tiny holes in them. 
  And with the help of her daddy, 
made all her classmates palm leaves and shell necklaces. 
And when my middle son wrote his daddy a message in the sand 
and asked me to take a picture and send it to him. 
And when my youngest son found the most perfect heart shaped piece of coral 
on a walk with my mom and brought it back for me. 

Lastly, I just couldn't resist turning a few of my favorite vacations pictures into water colors 
via the Waterlouge app. 

It was certainly a vacation to remember. 
I will cherish those memories with my family forever. 

Now that our kids have their passports, they are ready to travel the world. 
I am already looking forward to our next adventure!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Spring Break Andrea!! Awesome photos!!

  2. What a wonderful trip! Love all of the pictures - we're stuck at home for our spring break this year because my son's freshman baseball team has games - how nuts is that? Looking forward to a beach vacation this summer with my brother in law and his wife and kids. Lots of cousin time - lots of fun!

  3. that looks like such an amazing time! your family is gorgeous. :)

  4. Andrea WOW!!! What an amazing trip, that water looks incredible! Too bad your hubby couldn't make it, but at least you had your sister and parents - that must have been a blast! Such beautiful photos - will some of them be making it onto your travel wall? Love the Waterlogue of your girly with her gorgeous hair. So glad you had a great getaway.

  5. We may have been neighbors! Our family of 5 just returned from a week at Nah Yaxche. Everyone loved it and can't wait to return!! The highlight of our trip for our kids was climbing the ruins at Coba and hanging out at Ziggy's Beach Club on Tulum beach.

  6. Looks like a fantastic time Andrea! You certainly deserved some sun & fun after the crazy winter you all have had. Great pics!


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