I'm still here, just trying to make it through the last three days of school.  The finish line is in sight.
Three more days of waking up early, packing lunches, helping with homework and early bedtimes. 
Then we can officially call it summer! 

I have been trying to wrap up design projects, run errands, get things organized and enjoy the last few days of peach and quiet before all heck break loose around here. 
I had to get my thrifting fix too. 
Taking three kids thrifting over the summer is definitely not on my "to do list". 

I found  a few gems over the last couple of weeks.

Like this $5.00 lamp from St. Vincent DePaul.
I already had the shade on hand in my arsenal of thrift store shades.

We have plenty of overhead lighting in the mudroom.  So I never thought of adding a lamp in here. 
At night, I prefer the ambiance of lamp lighting.
This lamp is the perfect amount of light in the evenings.  
Bonus - it helps hide the dirt in the mudroom! 

I also picked up this blue and gold metal tray at Goodwill for $2.00.  
It had me at blue and gold.

I was especially taken with the detail on the  handles.  

I picked up a few blue and white jars at St. Vincent DePaul also.

I love the little ginger jar. They varied in price from $3-$8. 

I added them to the mantle for a little more of a Springy look.

I bought this chair silhouette print a while back for $5.
You already know about my obsession with chairs.

I added it to the small gallery wall in the dining room.

I have plenty more to share with you and I hope to be able to blog a little more this summer.
I recently partnered with Staples to do a fun little Pantry Makeover.
Looking forward to showing you very soon.

Have you kicked off Summer yet?


  1. More great finds! Can't wait to see your pantry!

  2. Awesome finds! I'm in the same boat - enjoying the quiet before everything goes crazy here for the summer. Must squeeze in some fun little thrifting trips like this before it's all hands on deck around here and my grocery bill doubles. ;-)

  3. I'm in love with your fireplace and mantel!! Great finds! :)

  4. Way to go! You definitely scored with all of your finds. Those handles on that tray are lovely and unique!

  5. The mudroom looks great! Really like the table by the window. JW

  6. There is something about your house that is so warm and welcoming. I just want to come over and hang out. Maybe move in. That okay???

  7. Pretty finds, Andrea! That tray is gorgeous, and the chair silhouette is perfect for you! :)

  8. Love all the finds! The lamp reminds me of one I've been eyeing from Ballard.


  9. Great stuff you found and all under $10! That's awesome. I really love that tray. I've been looking for something similar and haven't found anything but that's really cute.


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