No really, just pick a seat.  
There are plenty to choose from. 
I mentioned in this post that I counted the chairs in our home and came up with 37.  
Now, just to clarify, that does included dining chairs and two child size chairs. 

Here is a look at the "chair situation" in our home. 

We have owned this chair for a long time. 
It was originally dark brown wicker and I painted it with BM Kingsport Gray.

I ordred these two swivel/gliders a couple of years ago. 
They are a bit hit with the kids, since they are similar to a merry-go-round.

Still loving these bentwoods that I recovered recently. 

Here is a shot which includes quite a few chairs. 
I picked up the two floral chairs at a consignment shop. 
They work perfectly in "The Nook".

I have four of these vintage school chairs sprinkled around the house. 
One now resides in the foyer. 

My ghost chair was a steal from Craigslist. 

There is a whole lot of chairs going on in here. 
We have the yard sale wingbacks I had reupholstered, 
the wicker and chrome chairs I found on Craiglist 
and the rattan and chrome chairs I got from an estate sale. 
Mixed together, they make one big happy chair family.

The black Eames chair I found at an outdoor antique show is still residing in the office.

These two beauties, which also came from an estate sale are currently living in the basement. 
I love these chairs, but I still don't have a place for them.  Might have to get rid of them soon.

Moving upstairs, the boys have two red tolix-like chairs in their room. 
They came from Kroger, of all places. 

Another vintage school chair fits right in at my daughter's desk.

This chair was another thrift store find that I painted and had reupholstered. 

Lastly, this thrift store find makeover in our master bedroom.

Full disclosure, there are a few more chairs living in chair/lamp purgatory the basement 
and four more on the third floor. 
I also have quite a few barstools, lamps, frames and art that I need to let go of. 
I'm thinking of having a tag sale soon. 
Not to be confused with a yard/garage sale.  
I've done that before and the last time, I vowed never to do it again. 
If you are local and would be interested in coming to the tag sale, send me an email here.
Date and time TBD. 

Thank you so much for being loyal readers and I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
For some reason, my husband has decided he really wants to take the kids to the circus this weekend. 
I volunteered to stay home and get our taxes together.  The lesser of two evils, in my opinion.


  1. Is there a 12 Step Program for you chair addiction? ;-) I can't blame you - they're all beautiful and fit into your home perfectly. Love those chairs you got from the estate sale! So pretty - perhaps you need a room addition so that they have a place to live? :-)

  2. Oh I would have that many chairs too if I had room. I am always drawn to chairs and love them all. Hugs, Marty

  3. My name is Sandy and I am a recovering "chair-aholic". We moved to a new state and down sized from a five bedroom home to a three bedroom,but one being used as an office--so some of my chairs had to go. I thought it would kill be trying to decide what to keep and what to let go. I miss them all. When I see one I just have to have I need to walk away and think about it--will I really use it in the room I have or do I just want it because I love how it looks. You have so many beautiful chairs in your home--and room for more! The ones you have in the basement are gorgeous--are you sure you can't fit these lovely ladies in somewhere? They would be so hard to let go...

  4. you need them all. they are all amazing. the end.

  5. I love your eclectic chair collection! You clearly have a good eye for finding them! I have the opposite problem….not enough (sturdy) places to sit. I purged big time when we moved and am a little sorry, so I think a little chair hoarding is a good thing - you always have a chair to pull up for extra company!

  6. What a fun collection Andrea!! I love that when you find them for a steal you don't have to be so committed if you run across something better! :) I would take the two beauties off your hands in a flash if I lived nearby, I think you should keep them!

  7. They are all so great though! I'm actually on the other end of the spectrum - I have no where for anyone to sit. I need to remedy that.

  8. You are too funny. Well I can say that all of your chairs are equally great that's for sure. I really love the two in your basement, could you use them interchangeably at your dining room table? Maybe you could do a fun fabric on those and that way you have a neutral and a pattern to switch out whenever you want (yikes I'm adding fuel to the fire ;) And this is not chair related, but I really love the color of the desk in your daughter's room.


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