I have been working on a family room design for a repeat client. 
I helped her make a few changes to her dining room last year 
We also tackled the foyer at that time.  She originally wanted to work on the living room too, 
but we decided to hold off until we could do a complete makeover.  
I talked about her smart design decision here.

When she contacted me recently, it was to finally work on the living room.
When I went to meet with her, she mentioned she would also like to make a few
changes in the family room (the room where they spend most of their time).
We got a little side tracked again and decided to go for more than a few changes in the family room.
Once again, the living room got put on the back burner.

Don't worry, we will get to it.
But for now, this family room makeover is going to be something!
Here's our plan........

This lovely couple spent some time out West before they had children.
They have a couple pieces of art they collected and we plan to incorporate those into the room,
along with a few other items with a southwestern vibe.

The room is not huge.  
We decided a sectional was the best way to get the maximum amount of seating.
Resurfacing the brick fireplace with stone was not part of the initial "make a few changes" plan.
It took a little convincing, but fortunately, 
they were open to the idea and moved forward with it right away.
The walls were painted with BM Revere Pewter.  
I would love to see the built ins on either side of the fireplace painted in BM Creekside Green.
Still keeping my fingers crossed that they go for it.

The carpet has been replaced, the fireplace resurfaced, the walls painted and the sectional delivered.
It's finally time for the fun part. 
I am currently on the hunt for some unique accessories to fill up the built-ins. 
Hoping to wrap up this project next week.
I know it has been a while since I shared any "after" photos of my projects.
It is definitely at the top of my to do list.

I read somewhere last week that May is the new December.
With all the sporting events and school activities, I believe it. 
I try hard not to complain about being busy.  
Years from now, when it is nice and quiet around here, I'll miss those busy days 
of shuffling kids around town, cheering them on at their games, 
and spending countless hours helping them with school projects. 
For now, I am going to soak it all in and enjoy the blessings.


  1. Love the stone and hope that the built-ins get a few coats of Creekside Green because that would totally make the look. Good job bringing that Southwest feel into this century, love your choices. And I believe it about May, add in prom and graduation and mine looks about the same, but I am enjoying this busy!

  2. Your design looks great Andrea. I love the stone especially with the warmer colors some of the accessories bring to the space!

  3. Love your design plan Andrea...can't wait to see the reveal!!

  4. Love that you were able to convince them to resurface the fireplace - that's a great look all by itself! Can't wait to see it all pulled together!

    I hear you on the activities - I'm trying to take it all in, as I'm hyper aware of my oldest getting closer and closer to leaving the nest. :-(

  5. Love your plan Andrea and the fireplace looks great. Agree that those painting those bookshelves would make all the difference. Can't wait to see the end result.

    Enjoy these crazy days... they make for great memories!


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