I mentioned last week in this post, that I did a little rug rearranging around here. 
Let me introduce you to the newest addition to the family room.....

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had the family room 
(+ the kitchen, dining room and foyer) repainted.  
The family room is now BM Seashell.  
I was craving a more neutral feel.
I switched out the colorful drapes for something a little more simple. 
I just cut a drop cloth in half, hemmed them with hem tape and clipped them up with rings. 
They work fine for now.

I'm itching to add some more navy to the room.  I have my eye on a few pillows from etsy.

I love the rich, vibrant colors in this rug.  It looks red and a tad purple in these photos, 
but it is definitely more of a burnt orange and navy.

I removed the skirted slipcover from the ottoman. 
The cream fabric that was underneath won't be safe for long.  
I'll have to come up with Plan "B" soon. 
I'd love to add an old wooden trunk as a coffee table, but the kids (and Willee) 
love using the ottoman as extra seating.

I added a bit more green back into the room also.  Every room needs a little green.

The new 9x12 size works much better than the previous 8x10 West Elm rug that was in here. 
This rug screams cozy to me.  While I'm definitely not looking forward to winter, 
I can't way to get a fire going and curl up on the couch with a good book. 

I got the rug from nycrugs on ebay.  This was my first time buying from this seller.  
The rug was a fair price and shipped quickly.
It was listed as new with tags.  I noticed a small stain on it once we unwrapped and unrolled it.  
I emailed the seller right away and sent a pictures.
It wasn't a big enough deal to pack it up and send it back. 
They ended up crediting me $100.

The other ebay seller I have bought from several times is newyorkruggallery.
I know buying a large rug, sight unseen, is not for everyone.
But so far, I have been very pleased with all my on-line rug purchases.

UPDATE:  I can see comments that are posted on my blog, but they are not coming to my email.  
I have tried everything I can to troubleshoot the problem and have gotten nowhere.  
I normally like to respond to comments via email, but for now, I will just reply to the comments. 
Sorry!  I promise I haven't been ignoring you if you commented. 


  1. That rug is great, and you're right - warm and cozy. I love navy and orange, and just added some pops of orange to my family room (that look lovely with my navy ottoman). ;-) Going to have to check out the rug sites - looks like a great resource!

    1. Thanks Jenny. Looking forward to seeing your pops of orange.

  2. The beams in your living room are amazing and your fireplace is beautiful. Love the rug too!

  3. What a great rug! That room looks so cozy!

  4. What color trim did you use with your SEASHELL from Benjamin Moore?

    1. It's BM Alabaster. It was already painted. I don't love the color with Seashell. Looks a bit pink.

  5. Love the rug! Your room looks so warm and inviting.

  6. Looks great Andrea! I especially love the new paint color… it really accents the architecture of the room which I had never even noticed before!

  7. Andrea your family room looks soooo cozy and beautiful! I love your new rug, wall color and simple window panels (aren't drop cloths the best!??) This room just screams come in, sit down and relax! I hope you are enjoying it this weekend!


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