I just Couldn't Leave Well Enough Alone

I wouldn't call myself indecisive, but rather fickle.  I can make a decision, no problem, but sticking to it is another story.  Take for instance the mirror from this post.

It used to look like this.

I decided to flip the mirror over and paint the back with chalkboard paint.  Then it looked like this.

Today I decided to paint the frame.  Now, it looks like this.

Something about it just wasn't funky enough for me.  I'm digging the new color.  It's Sherwin Williams flower pot.  I had some paint leftover from this bookcase transformation.

It was a bit of a pain in the you know what to paint.  Spray paint would have been much easier, but since I had this paint on hand, I went for it.

Speaking of rain, I have a few thoughts on the subject.

I went for a nice long walk by myself tonight after dinner and this is what I was thinking about.

What I like about rain:
1) the smell after a rain (especially in the Spring)
2) the way it makes everything so unbelievably green
3) if the sun would ever come out, there's the possibility of a rainbow
4) forces me to get things done inside the house
5) on very rare occasions, provides the perfect excuse for taking a nap

What I don't like about rain:
1) water in our basement
2) kids being cooped up inside the house
3) dirty floors
4) muddy yard
5) brings my mood down

Okay, there you have it, my thoughts on rain. We have had our fair share of rain here and I am more than ready for the sunshine.  Bring it on!  Here's hoping your day is bright (even if it's not sunny).

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  1. The rain is coming back here for the next two days and we have had more than our fair share, too. Love the frame painted red!

  2. Ahhhh you did it!!! It looks great!

  3. Andrea, I love the mirror in the new color!

  4. OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Perfect color! I have been looking every where for a mirror like that! So I might be a tiny bit jealous!

  5. That looked great before, but the after is amazing!

    We live somewhat local to you & I agree. Rain is good, but enough is enough! My poor son is wearing mud covered shoes to school! (Someday he'll realize what the rain boots, crocs, or old tennis shoes are there for!)


  6. What a fun spicy color! I totally agree with you... too much rain and no end till Thursday! Here's to Thursday!

  7. I'm LOV-ING the red on that ornate frame - such a juxtaposition of old world and modern! And fun!
    I know - the rain is a bummer, but just think of how full your yard will be of beautiful green grass & flowers (and in my case, weeds!) :)
    Here's my jewelry board I mentioned yesterday - I added a link to yours!
    Have a great day, Lisa


  8. I have some of the very thoughts on rain!!

  9. Andrea, not leaving well enough alone paid off! It's outstanding. I love the red. GREAT job. I hate the smell of rain - I'm odd. Love the green that it brings, but hate the weed pulling and allergies. Love the sound of thunderstorms though.

    P.S. Your comments come in as no-reply. If you want it to be possible to respond directly back to the comment email alert with an email, that can be changed in your blogger profile. Just click show email address. (Just in case that is helpful.)

  10. What a fabulous color! It definitely helps to cheer things up even when it is dreary out. It is hailing as I type this and we are really over it all here in the NW! :-)

  11. Love that idea to flip the mirror over and paint the back! Then you could always switch it back! The red is so fun!


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