Oh yeah, that's right, bringing back Field Trip Friday.  
I have been out and about quite a bit recently and I always snap pictures of items that catch my eye.
Thought you might want to see a few.

This wood and metal console table stopped me in my tracks at TJ Maxx.
It was on clearance too.

I really liked the look of this one too.

And over at Homegoods, these burled wood side tables were calling my name. 
But with a price tag of $300, my wallet wasn't answering.

Love, love, love this chair. Sure wish I needed a chair.

These blue velvet beauties were something to see. 
And a pair of them too. 
You know I love a good pair (of chairs or lamps people)!

Speaking of blue velvet, this ottoman looked much more expensive than it's $149 pricetag.

This ottoman covered in a green dhurrie rug was amazing. 
Someone needs to go buy this, pronto.

Switching gears a bit - from new to old.
My mom is in town and we love to scour antique stores together.
Today we stopped in a small antique mall just a few miles from my house.
Not sure why I don't stop in here more often. 
They had some cool inventory.

I've got my eye on this dresser. 
The wood grain is beautiful and the inlay of the flowers at the top is amazing. 
I'm thinking it would really help warm up my daughter's room
I need to look into hardware, since this piece obviously needs some new hardware.

Gotta love old rusty metal signs.

I kept coming back to this painting.  I adore everything about it.  
On my fifth trip back to stalk it, I happened to catch a glimpse of the price tag - $1,200.
It may have been the most expensive item in the entire antique mall.

What - another pair of lamps - and only $40 total.  Believe it or not, I passed them up.
My lamp hoarding has gotten a little out of control and I need to get a handle on it.

I got excited when I spotted these four Bentwood chairs. 
You know I'm currently on the lookout for 2 more Bentwood chairs.  
These weren't in great condition and I would have had to strip them.
But what a fun color for the right room.

Now, I love me a good horse head, but this thing was the size of a real horse head.
A little much, if you ask me. 

You can read more about my field trip adventures here, here, here, here and here.

I hope you all have a great weekend.
It's going to be a chilly one here in Kentucky.
We've got a big weekend.
My daughter will be attending her first middle school dance Friday night.
Both boys have football games and our youngest turns seven on Saturday.
Looking forward to making some memories.


  1. Love these field trips! Where is that antique mall? Must visit! That dhurrie rug ottoman is the bomb!

    We're having my daughter's 8th birthday party this weekend (a costume/Halloween/birthday party). To say she's excited would be an understatement. ;-)

    Have a great weekend! We should get together for a field trip Friday sometime!

  2. I want to come with you guys to Field Trip Friday! :) Homegoods is crazy good these days, I don't have enough room!


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