There is a reason I have tons of gray hair.  I won't mention any names, but she's eleven!
This certain eleven year old wanted her room to have a more "grown up" feel to it. 
As this eleven year old's mother, I wanted to make this happen, 
but I also wanted to keep some of the "little girl" elements that I love so much.

So we compromised.  
We got rid of most of the pink, we pulled in some other fun colors and we glammed it up a bit.

Here's how it looks today........

We used art and frames we had on hand to make a small gallery wall next to her bed.

We added a new quilt and shams, some new plaid pillows 
and my old buffalo check duvet cover and shams.

We kept the white iron bed, the sheer white curtains and her favorite doll. 

We moved the art I painted in high school above the dresser.

We gave it a rustic hanging treatment with some twine.

I spray painted a few wire baskets gold.  
This one holds her ever growing collection of rainbow loom bracelets. 

I also gave this thrift store lamp (previously silver) a makeover with some gold spray paint. 

It makes the most perfect reading lamp.

We kept the raspberry chair and the rusty old green stool/side table.
We added a fun purple beaded pillow.

We kept the blue metal shelf and we added the accordion coat rack 
to display her swim, dive and gymnastics medals.

We kept the raspberry desk and added the oversized fabric covered bulletin board.

Despite a few extra gray hairs, I think this is one of the best compromises I have ever made.

In case you're interested in any of the sources for this room:

Quilt:  Sam's Club
Duvet Cover:  Ikea
Curtains:  Ikea
Plaid pillow covers: Etsy
Bed: Pottery Barn Outlet (many years ago)
Purple pillow:  Homegoods

Just about everything else in the room was purchased at thrift stores or antique shops.

This room has gone through several transformations. 
You can read more about that here and here.

Thanks for all the kind words in response to last week's post about my little setback. 
I am feeling great!  Almost back to normal - just can't exercise for two more weeks.
I think I'll milk it while I can.


  1. Ahh those gray hairs…. I can totally relate, just look at my head!!! You and your daughter make a great team, I love the subtle and not so subtle changes to the space, mission accomplished!

  2. Love it all...especially the quilt. We don't get quilts at Sam's Club in Texas...wonder why?

  3. oh my sweet comforter...I'm ready for some color and am mixing it around my beloved buffalo check lol - still addicted!! schumacher chai ming throw pillows and new curtains and we're set!!!

  4. Love the mix in there! Perfect for a growing girl :) I'm still completely blown away by that painting you did in HS, it's gorgeous.

  5. it's such a fun mix and perfect balance of little and big girl! LOVE it!

  6. I think this room is a great compromise. It's so full of life - the patterns, color and personal touches. Love seeing how it's growing with her!

  7. I am still thinking the chair is so great!

    What brand and color paint did you use for the lamp? I have a floor lamp that needs to be rescued.


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