It all started back in November when we upgraded our queen size bed for a king size bed.
Then in December we replaced the TV in our family room 
and decided to move the old TV to our bedroom.

The old 32" box TV wasn't quite cutting it. 
The first thing I did was go on the hunt for a long dresser 
to replace the painted armoire that housed the box TV.

I found the perfect one at a funky little resale shop in Cincinnati called Connecting Times Resale. 
I follow them on on Facebook and am often intrigued by the pictures they post. 
I pop in there from time to time.
The day I found this dresser, I had actually stopped in to see a different dresser they had posted.
Turns out I liked this one better.

I love the legs, the wood grain and the vintage hardware.

And it just happened to be the perfect size for this spot.

I sold the armoire.  We moved the dresser in and promptly hooked up the TV.
Next I got out the hammer and few nails and went town 
creating a gallery wall around the TV to disguise it a bit. 

I used things I already had on hang.
Like this Batik I got for Christmas. 
I may have dropped a subtle hint about adding it to my wish list here.
I framed some concert tickets to one of our favorite bands and hung those here too,
along with a thrift store painting. 

A signed concert poster tacked to a back of a wooden frame is front and center on the gallery wall.

Have I mentioned I like red barns?  I grew up on a farm and we had a red barn on our property. 
I have always been drawn to "red barn art".  These came from the thrift store too.

The other Batik, a ginger jar print and more thrift store art rounds out the gallery wall.

While I really enjoy the serene wall color in this room, I was ready for some pops of color.

The plan is to eventually mount the TV on the wall.
However, there is a brick chimney hiding behind this drywall.
No easy feat for us unhandy folks!

I spend a little too much time lounging in my bed nowadays. 


  1. LOVE IT!! Love the shot that shows a peek of that pretty chair too!

  2. sa-weet! i am just waiting to paint the room then we're doing the same thing! i love those batiks! seriously love!

  3. LOVE it all! that dresser rocks! i am looking for a cool MCM dresser for my own room, too! love the gallery!

  4. The dresser is a major find, LOVE it! And you gallery wall is perfect for your room. Batik art is up my alley too, beautiful!

  5. That dresser couldn't be more perfect! I like the pop of color in there too, and good for you for lounging in your bed!!

  6. Gorgeous! Once again you nailed it!

  7. Well done! I love a good gallery wall, and that dresser is perfect for the space. Are you loving your king bed? Once we got one, I wondered how I ever lasted so long in a queen!

  8. I love reddish hues in the art against your wall color, such a pretty combination. And that dresser is perfect for your space. You have such a good eye for new to you treasures!

  9. I just love the way you hung the art…it looks amazing!!

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