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You would think I would have learned in college not put things off until the last minute.
I now like to call it "pulling a Lisa".
You see, I have this really good friend who always seems to throw things together in a panic.
She's been known to stay up all night making a birthday cake 
or sewing a Halloween costume for her one of her children. 
Really stresses me out, but somehow she always manages to pull it off, 
and it always usually turns out fabulously! 
I'm really hoping that by the end of this post, you'll agree that I have "pulled a Lisa"! 

Enough chatter, let's get the tour started.
We'll start at the front door.

I kept the foyer very simple this year.  
I had good intentions of getting real greenery to drape on the banister, but just never got around to it. 
Can you believe the florist wasn't open at 11:00 p.m. last night when I decided I really needed it? 

Moving onto the dining room. 
This room is in the very front of the house and it gets tons of use during the holidays.

I added some whimsical garland to the dining room mantle. 
I made out of cut of straws and beads. 

The piano got all gussied up too.

This is the most important Christmas decoration we have.
It was a wedding present from my aunts many years ago. I will also cherish it. 

The big brass bowl got some added bling.  

And a little more bling was added to the sofa table.

This might be my favorite decorated area.

I picked up this vintage green glassware and brass caddy at an antique store 
when I was visiting my parents over Thanksgiving.  I knew it would be perfect for Christmas. 
I'll be on the lookout for more vintage glassware so I can change them out often.

The kitchen got a few small touches of holiday decor.  

The horse weather vane even got to get in on the action. 

"The Nook" didn't want to be left out either. 

I recently got this bleached driftwood wreath at Home Emporium. 
I might just leave it up all year long. 

This is one of my favorite spots to sit back, kick my feet up and relax during this crazy time of year. 

Willee usually likes to join me. 

The family room is where we spend most of our time during the winter months. 

It might have something to do with the cozy fireplace.

My mom made these stockings years ago and I decided to embellish them a little this year. 

I picked up theses mini brass ginger jars at Goodwill last week 
and I think they make the most perfect bookends. 

I decided to forego a fabric tree skirt this year and make my own metal bucket.
I couldn't find one quite large enough for our tree stand to fit in. 
I'll do a little DIY post on that soon.

I also got this giant glass bowl at Goodwill last week.
For now, I've added some wooden letters and a few glass balls. 

Moving on upstairs.....

 I added a wreath and all of our Christmas cards from the past to this frame on the second floor landing.

Our room even got a little holiday cheer. 

I added small trees to the kids' rooms this year.  
I had them up and decorated and surprised them when they got home from school one day.

I wanted to make them personal and special.
I added pom pom garland and rainbow loom bracelets to my daughter's tree.
She is a rainbow loom bracelet making machine!

The boys got a fun tree with blue garland and football helmets.  

We have been collecting Christmas books since they were babies. 
They love picking a new Christmas book to read each night.

I appreciate you hanging around to the end of the tour.  Sorry if it was picture overload.
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  1. Andrea, you definitely pulled a Lisa! Your house is beautifully done. Love so many things but I think my favorite is the trees that you put in your kids' rooms. Love the idea of doing that while they're gone and surprising them - I think it's the little things like that that make the holidays special for our little ones. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. LOVE it, andrea! that tar garland is genius!

  3. oops hit publish- that was supposed to say straw not tar- need more coffee.

  4. What???? The florist wasn't open at 11PM last night???! Your place looks fabulous and festive and you definitely have a bit of Lisa in you since you pulled of a lovely holiday home! Now go enjoy and celebrate this season, you deserve it! BTW love the special trees in your kids rooms!

  5. Andrea, your home is beautiful! I love all your personal and creative touches everyone, it was SO fun to take your tour!! The frame with your own Christmas cards is such a great idea, and I love how you decorated the kids' trees with things that they love. All the little details in each room, so festive and cheerful!! What a happy home to be growing up in and celebrating the Christmas season with your family. Thanks so much for sharing your holiday home cheer!! (And PS/apparently there is something about the name Lisa…..since I do everything last minute too!!! Just ask my husband - it drives him crazy! :) )

  6. Beautiful tour, Andrea!! Those sweet kiddo trees are awesome ~ love that the decor is their favorite things! We've collected books every year too, and I still love putting them all out, I'm in denial we're beyond the stage of reading them. :) I love your pretty bar set-up with your vintage finds, the buffalo plaid wrap, and your pretty white collection in the kitchen! Wonderful job, sweet friend. Enjoy!!

  7. Ha, you sound like me - all of the things I realize I need at 11pm. Thank god stores are closed then or I would be broke. :) I think your house looks beautiful. I love all the wreaths in your windows and your tree is huge! So pretty!!

  8. Love the simplicity in your decor! I know you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas in your home!

  9. The house looks great, Andrea! I love your ginger jar bookends and all the trees you have and such fun to do some in your kids' rooms, too. And your Christmas books on display - great idea!

  10. Love all of your seasonal touches, Andrea! That blue hutch is just dreamy, and your brass ginger jars were a fabulous find! I'm dying over your b/w gingham wrapping paper, too! Thanks for the fun tour!

  11. Absolutely beautiful Andrea!! I love all your Christmas touches!

  12. I love all of your trees and your bar area is my favorite (and not just because it's a bar). ;-). So classic and pretty - thanks for sharing!

  13. Andrea!!!!

    Hey rock star! Your tour is amazing and I love the cork ornament tags!

    Stopping by to wish you the merriest of Christmases!

  14. Your home looks nice! Loving all the greenery, and your tree is so pretty. I'm glad I'm not the only one that procrastinates. I'll be burning the midnight oil getting my post done for tomorrow!
    Have a great Christmas!

  15. Love it all! Your tree is so beautiful! And I love that buffalo check wrapping paper too!!

  16. I ran through this post several times just to be sure I didn't miss anything. You have a wonderful home. I liked that you mixed more classic decorations with modern ones and that all of them are simple and familiar. But I love the most the idea of displaying Xmas books. It's a great reminder that we should take our time and really enjoy those special moments.

    I like your writing style.
    Thanks for sharing another lovely post.




  17. Everything looks so warm and pretty Andrea! Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas at home with your family.

  18. Your home is just beautiful all dressed for Christmas!!! Love the greens and pops of red!

  19. Your home is so festive and beautifully decorated!

  20. You pulled a lovely Lisa! Some of my favs are the bits of greenery in your white pitchers in the kitchen, that awesome straw and bead garland, and all the wreaths on the windows :)

  21. Lisa,
    Here it is after the holidays and I'm finally catching up on all the Christmas/Holiday home tours {who knew there are a 'plethora' of tours to be had!} Hats off to everyone of you lovely ladies who open your homes and share ideas! I know that even though the holidays are over life doesn't slow down and I feel bad asking you this.....but could you share your DIY on the bucket you made for your Christmas tree? Seriously, even if you don't have time til June, take your time my dear. Can't wait to see your home next Holiday Season!!!! :)


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